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Many men today, unfortunately, are losing out on the advantages of having a daily barber. However, for one stylist, “a little off the sides” means one thing and for another, it means something completely different. In my experience, stylists often tend to try to correct what they perceive to be errors made by a previous barber/stylist. Good barbers have the memory of an ape. When you see a good barber regularly, he’ll get to know the contours of your head and the nuances of your hair, and he’ll be able to cut and style your hair exactly how you like it. You’ll be able to simply walk in and request “the normal.” Plus, your Barber Brunswick will become a good friend with whom you can have casual conversations and anticipate seeing every few weeks.

How to pick barber/stylists

  • Visit a Male Shop

    While a man can get a great cut and style at a unisex salon, he can get the best results by going to a men’s-only establishment. Such barbers/stylists have a wider range of information about male-specific styles, problems, choices, lifestyles, and more – and the standard would be more consistent among barbers/stylists.

  • Use your words

    Personal reviews and word of mouth are excellent ways to find a great barber/stylist or store. If you have a friend or even an acquaintance with a great cut, inquire about it. The compliment will be greatly appreciated by that “mate,” and it will result in a strong recommendation.

  • The Shop with the Most Openings Isn’t Always the Best Option

    While it might be more convenient for scheduling, the shop with the most openings isn’t always the best option. There’s a reason a shop with a lot of barbers/stylists standing around is that way.

  • Demand Some Style

    It’s not a deal-breaker, but finding a barber/stylist with a great personal style is important. Men should never trust a dirty or disheveled barber/stylist, just as they should never trust a skinny chef.

Instructions to your barber

  • Be Realistic:

    Don’t be insulted if your barber/stylist tells you that you won’t be able to pull off the cut you want and suggests an alternative. He’s doing you a favor because certain hair textures and head shapes don’t go well with certain models.

  • Accentuate the Negatives:

    When a client discusses why they “didn’t” like their previous haircut, the barber/stylist will learn a lot. It serves as a checklist of items to avoid and pays off handsomely in the end.

The barberBrunswick should ask questions

Someone who will send you the exact look you imagined in mind is the perfect person to entrust your lovely hair to. A barber who relies on guard numbers is probably not someone you can put your faith in. The perfect barber will inquire about how you want your hair to look, what you want to change, and whether you want to keep your current style.

Your barber should be asking for feedback

It shouldn’t be an in-and-out experience at the barbershop. A decent Hairdressers Melbourne or shave should not be hurried, and your barber should ask you what you like and don’t like about the way your hair is cut. Maybe the sides aren’t short enough, or you don’t like the cowlick at the back of your head. Your barber will then make the necessary changes so that you don’t end up with a bad haircut.

Go through their social media profiles

Almost every small business in today’s world has a social media presence on Instagram or Facebook. You can use social media to expand your quest for barbershops in your neighborhood. This will allow you to view many photographs of people whose hair they have previously worked on. They should ideally have before and after pictures of customer’s hair to demonstrate their skill level.

Ask questions related to hair

Your barber should have some knowledge of hair; otherwise, he’ll only be a glorified haircutter. Be sure to inquire about how to care for your hair, how much you can get a maintenance cut, and which items are best for your hair texture and style. If your barber doesn’t know the answers to these questions, he probably just does flattops and buzzcuts, which isn’t the kind of guy you want looking after your hair.

Wrapping Up!

Since July 2003, Rhubarb Hair has been serving Brunswick East. We’ve always valued our group and strived to have the best hair in Barber Brunswick over the last 18 years. They take pride in treating each person who walks through our door as an individual and treating their hair in the same manner. Customized cuts, organic hair dye, men’s grooming, curly hair treatment, hair extensions, and personalized education about your individual hair needs are only a few of the services available. Just make a call and drop your appointments here when you feel convenient. For more information Contact us on our website.

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