Hair & Hair Types


Skin consists of three basic parts: the hair shaft, root & follicle. The hair shaft is the visible part from the scalp up, root is the invisible part of the hair which is underneath the skin surface that is soft & thick in bulb shape at the base of the hair and follicle is the cavity from which the hair grows, a sheath located in the epidermis and the dermis. Each hair grows from its own follicle. The follicle regulates hair growth through 20 types of complex functions.

There are four different types of hair namely Straight, Wavy, Curly & Coily. Based on the quality of the hair, it may be distinguished further into Thin, Medium and Thick Hair. Hair treatment if any has to be undertaken only on the quality of the hair and the kind of treatment suitable to the quality of the hair.

For the typical hair, the hair shaft comprises three layers including the cuticle (the outer layer), the cortex (the middle layer) and the medulla (the innermost or the central layer).

The ThIn or Fine Hair type consists of only two layers viz the cuticle and the cortex. As a result of this, the hair is very fragile and easily breakable. Most people have the Medium Hair type which consists of all the three layers –  the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. Medium Hair is thicker than Fine Hair and it can support styles. The Thick Hair type is strong, holds styles and can resist humidity, styling agents, hair dyes and breakage. But this type of hair tends to get frizzy in humidity – getting irregular and not aligning with the other hair mass. The texture of the hair depends upon several factors such as hereditary/genetics, humidity, food and hair damage due to lack of proper care, chemicals and overheating.

Types of Hair & Hair Care

If you feel your hair is not in good condition and are considering a treatment, the way forward is not straightly buying and applying a shampoo or agent. The best first thing to do is to consult a Dermatologist and get to know the type of hair that you have and then, based on your hair quality and on the recommendation of your physician, you should adopt a treatment, hair care product or serum suitable to the type of problem that you have and the remedy your hair needs.

There are multiple problems that your hair or scalp may have or encounter and most common of them are hair loss, men/women baldness, itching, scaling, dandruff, fungal infection/ringworm and inflammation.

The popular hair treatments are Keratin Treatment (for unstable, curly and frizzy hair), Scalp Treatment (for dry & itchy scalp), Hot Oil Treatment (for those needing shiny & smooth hair), Hair Detox Treatment (for those whose hair is exposed to numerous hair treatments and chemicals), Moisture Treatment (for hair that has lost its sheen and care due to repeated chemical and heat treatment) and Relaxing Treatment (to create hair movement and to remove frizzy curls). Try hair loss shampoo for men and other good hair compounds for better results for both men and women.


Give the care your hair deserves and follow a discipline in both hair care and treatment always being aware of potential damage of overstraining and exposure of your hair to heat and atmospheric factors and toxins and also overexposure to hair treatments.

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