Using Hair Extensions to Achieve 2021 Trends


Hair trends for 2021 are all about the lived-in look from shaggy manes (think of a grown-out mullet) to extra-long fairy-tale tresses that make you look like a mermaid arriving from the sea. Every new season there are new trends, which makes predicting the styles, cuts and colours set for an entire year which ain’t an easy feat. But what if you decided to go for the big chop in 2020 and now you’re thinking that your short hair falls short of these trends? Fear not, our team at Esteem Hair Beauty Spa doesn’t want you to miss out on anything! With hair extensions in Penrith, you can still enjoy many of the on trend looks with relative ease. Here are the styles of the year to get you inspired – especially when you’ve just recently cut your hair and now finding yourself regretting it.

Seventies Style And Easy Living

Hair extensions date all the way back to Cleopatra when women chose to wore wigs, sewn-on braids and hairpieces made of hair. After a long year of adjusting to life through the pandemic, many people have opted for hair that doesn’t feel overdone regardless of whether you are at home relaxing, working remotely, or out and about on the town. There are majorly three types of hair extensions: First, the clip-ins. These are most popular as they’re user-friendly and can be clipped in or out at your convenience. The second type is tape extensions. Strong, bi-adhesive tape that’s undetectable to the touch. It can last up to eight weeks. The third type is keratin. It is attached with a high-tech process; binding them with activation and keratin attachments. These can last for three months or more.

While masks and other safety guidelines may have you feeling a bit stifled, expression through care-free hair is the main trend for 2021 and we see a lot of 70s throwbacks to epitomise this ideal. Here are some of the hot styles of the year:

  • Warm tones in colour

From intense reds to soft pinks, we see not only a lot of colour exploration but warmed tones in blondes and brunettes. Hair extensions in bold and bright colours with Ombré or Balayage looks are now available in different salons. You may choose hair extensions all without worrying about any damage to the hair.

If you want to add subtle colours to your hair, place the hair extensions on the bottom half of your head. For a showstopper hairstyle, fill your hair with colours from top to bottom. Speak to your stylist about extensions and your choice of colour.

  • Extra long hair

Long, long, long locks are the biggest trend of 2021. Extensions can help you achieve this gorgeously glam look in no time! Short hair for a day, long for the next day? It’s all up to you. Hair extensions are not only used for length but you can also add them for increased volume.

  • Accessories!

From statement bling to homestyle headbands, not only do these accessories work with almost any hair (including extensions) but they add personality and flair to any ‘do!

  • Chunky highlights

The ‘Alice-band’ fringe streaks of highlight are extremely popular at the moment as are random pops of colour throughout curly hair.

  • Shaggy cuts

Whether you opt for a longer shag or a matured mullet, choppy shag is the lived in effortless glam look for 2021!

You can finally achieve the hairstyle of your dreams with a huge variety of hair extensions to choose from. Why all the wait to grow your hair long, or damage from dyes and straightening irons.

You will have several options when it comes to the hairstyles you can try out. So, if you like you can have long, curly hair next week instantly. Hair extensions help you to express a multitude of personalities through your hairstyles.

If Not For Achieving Trends, Achieve These Benefits!

The reality is: would you rather be blow-drying or styling your hair for 30 minutes in the morning or before sleeping? We all know what we would much rather be doing. Hair extensions give you effortless glamour and decrease your styling time. So, spend your time doing more of what interests you instead of spending crazy time getting ready each morning. Not only this, but the hair extensions will give your hair a break from styling tools.

For those not wanting long hair, but all the benefits of not-that-short hair, adding hair extensions to your short hair provides the following benefits while still keeping that short look you love: added fullness, added volume; added length in certain places; added length in areas for facial emphasis and style; add different hues and similar coloured tones; and creates a refreshed style that doesn’t look completely new, but certainly noticeable. With hair extensions, you can transform your appearance in seconds – giving you valuable extra time.

Love experimenting and trying out different hairstyles or just left the salon look, but do not have the time to achieve it? Just clip in the hair extension of your choice for the look you want and you’re good to go!

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When it comes to living your best life, Esteem Hair Beauty Spa knows how to get it done. From our commitment to training and professional excellence to our values such as supporting sustainable practices, we feel strongly about creating an all-encompassing experience for all our clients – for those with long hair and short! We help you stay on trend and well cared for from spa treatments to hair extensions in Penrith. If you would like to make a booking, use our bookings platform or feel free to contact us by calling (02) 4722 3250 or using our convenient contact form here.

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