Welcome The New Year in These Indian Cities


With the New Year in lurk, the main subject of every form of communication around this time of the year is “Where do we go for the New Year Bash?” Yes, this is the question that we all have wanted to figure since the beginning of the year, okay… maybe closing on October? So well here is a guide to make your New Year’s more than just a party but a memorable one at that!

The best place to party bringing in the Ringing New Year is not in bed with your pj’s rather out and about pottering in some new place…maybe make it your motto to celebrate New Years in a new place!

Here are some places with best New Year celebrations across India:



The eternal party destination, it offers a myriad platter of music, dance, and parties that would keep the beach lover unfazed from dusk to dawn. Goa has always been the number one go-to place for everyone in the country and abroad too. With the ever friendly beach shacks to the cheap booze, the sand in your feet and the sound of the ocean in your ears …Goa is the penultimate party destination round this time of the year.



If Goa is not something that you want to experience, a more quieter and solemn destination is the French inspired Puducherry. The wine and cheese are an excellent offering and with that one enjoys the fresh air, the brewing of the French pres and the meditation of the ocean along with the Aurobindo Ashram that gives you refuge from the manic frenzy of the year.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The mainland may seem as a drag to some, so for you we present the Andaman Nicobar Islands. Still, a part of India however this quiet expanse of land off the coast transforms into beach parties and long party nights at the resorts and on yachts! The pristine sands and the calm waters beckon everyone and have become a much preferred getaway.



Moving on from the water as we close into land Rajasthan with its tradition and culture lure many tourists every year to the land of the Maharajas!

Topping the list of the most romantic getaways for the New Year is the Oasis of Rajasthan- Udaipur. A rich cultural heritage that lets you experience the luxury at its best. The Lake Palace Hotel is an internationally acclaimed rejuvenating place in Udaipur. The imposing Rajputana Palaces and the handicrafts with the mix of the spicy ‘laalmass’, it is the perfect way to bring in the New Year with all the posh and pomp.



The Golden City has always had an added mystique around it, with the Sonar Quila, Rajput hospitality and a tryst with the Banjaras is something that one should experience in once in their lifetime. The chill of the desert, star gazing into a crisp night sky and the slow but sure camel in the desert is one way to bring in the New Year and an unforgettable experience at that!

If quiet, beachy, sandy and tents are not your mainstays in party then look to cities with the buzz and the magic nonetheless.


Topping the list here is definitely The Maximum City, from road to beach and from the rich to the rags you will get a flavor of everything you want in the city. Be a street party to the rising 7 star hotels, Mumbai has a lot to offer. A great amalgamation of the old and new, historical and hip, Mumbai is a place that really never sleeps…and New Year’s will definitely not be any different.


The Capital is not too far behind, with history sprawling over Leutyens Delhi, art shows with strokes of genius and bands performing in all over fun, food and shopping. Delhi has a lot to offer and you would be literally in the center of everything.

If the hustle bustle and tinsel are not for you then you should head far away to the mountains for a cozy and adventurous and a white New Year!


‘The Switzerland of the East’ sitting at 5410 feet above sea level is a haven for the weary souls. If you enjoy trekking and mountainous terrain and shredding lungs are something that you yearn for, this is one place that you will visit again and again. Maybe one day to climb Kanchenjunga –the third highest peak in the world- will keep going there again and again.


The Tibetan haven in India is the house of the 14th Dalai Lama and the very famous Bhagsunath temple. The place is famous for its quaint curio shops and narrow paths that lead you to the picturesque countryside. The place is famous for its trekking especially the Shiva café. The little streams and the friendly atmosphere is one of a kind and you will enjoy the chill in the air during the season.


For a really raw and adventurous trip, you should look at this pristine location of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. Tucked away in the Parvati Valley the locale indulges your senses in the most natural way helping you to lead a healthier and tranquil New Year.

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