Best Places to Live in Australia


Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney are the best places to live in Australia.

We calculated the best place to move and live based on factors like your preferred climate, cultural activities, and job opportunities.

1) Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city, is growing in popularity due to its pleasant rural vibe and affordable housing.

Adelaide hires at least 5,000 skilled immigrants each year, with the majority working in manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

Foreign families frequently settle in Adelaide’s leafy Belair and Banksia Park neighborhoods.

Numerous art galleries, theaters, museums, and concert halls are available for your enjoyment.

Explore the beautiful Adelaide coastline in your spare time or visit the nearby Barossa Valley wineries for some excellent food and drinks.

2) Brisbane

Brisbane, the country’s third-largest city, has all the benefits of city living but is significantly less expensive than Sydney and Melbourne.

Even though Brisbane’s central business district gets densely packed with gleaming skyscrapers, the city also has an excellent location for enjoying the great outdoors.

Many Brisbane residents enjoy sailing on the city’s beautiful river or jogging along its banks as a fun way to spend time outside.

Other parts of the “Sunshine State” are also easily accessible, such as the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

In Brisbane, the manufacturing, tourism, healthcare, and hospitality industries have the highest demand for new employees.

Brisbane’s suburbs and surrounding countryside are excellent places to relax and escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

In contrast, Morayfield is an excellent place to raise a family due to its relative peace.

3) Canberra

With its sophisticated atmosphere, Australia’s Parliament brings Canberra, the country’s inland capital, to life.

Despite being the nation’s capital, Canberra’s population is less than 400,000, giving the city a small-town feel with its lovely tree-lined streets.

Summer activities in Canberra include picnics, bike rides, fishing, and sailing on Lake Burley Griffin. Thanks to attractions such as the National Gallery of Australia, the city has a thriving restaurant and nightlife scene, as well as numerous opportunities for outdoor exploration in the surrounding hills and bushland.

4) Hobart 

Hobart, located on the Derwent River in southern Australia, is an old and historic city. For those who prefer milder climates, the city’s pleasant, laid-back pace of life and bearable summer temperatures of 68 degrees Fahrenheit make it a popular destination.

Hobart’s real estate ranges from opulent to modest, and the city’s riverside suburbs are popular with young families and retirees. Recently, the suburb of Kingston was named Australia’s most family-friendly community.

Even though the job market in Hobart is expanding slowly, skilled international workers can find steady work in the engineering, construction, and viticulture industries. Weekend activities include:

  • Exploring the city’s thriving arts scene.
  • Hiking Mt. Wellington.
  • Relaxing on the beach at Sandy Bay.

5) Melbourne

Due to its multiethnic population, world-class museums, cool bars, restaurants, and festivals, many consider Melbourne to be Australia’s cultural capital. This city is teeming with sports fans.

Melbourne’s international population has resulted in diverse communities, from ultra-chic to more laid-back. Young professionals prefer St. Kilda, a trendy beachfront neighborhood, while families with international residents prefer Surrey Hills and Camberwell.

They say you can see “four seasons in one day” in Melbourne because the climate is so erratic. The cost of living is slightly lower than in Sydney. Still, it remains high, and the economy thrives, particularly for foreigners with experience in finance, technology, aviation, construction, and automobile engineering.

6) Perth 

Perth, Australia’s west coast city, is known for its laid-back atmosphere and diverse population. Perth, Western Australia, is known for its beautiful urban parks, thriving economy, and pleasant year-round climate.

Excellent job opportunities are available in the mining, tourism, healthcare, and technology industries. Many families live in the affluent suburbs of Victoria Park and Applecross due to the excellent schools.

Still, some may prefer Fremantle’s artsy and eclectic atmosphere on the city’s southern coast for its many restaurants and galleries.

Recreational activities are given a lot of attention in Perth. Perth’s laid-back residents are always out and about, whether it’s to enjoy the city’s immaculate beaches, paddle on the Swan River, or attend a performance at the Perth Cultural Centre.

7) Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is home to nearly 5 million people and is the location of many of the country’s most recognisable landmarks. Take a cruise around the harbor to see the world-famous opera house, or relax at Bondi Beach, a popular surfing destination.

Although the trendy bars, restaurants, and clubs of Sydney’s trendy central district are popular with younger expats, many families prefer to settle in the city’s outskirts. Western Sydney is a popular area for American expats, and the Northern Beaches are ideal for families.

Sydney’s high cost of living inevitably gets influenced by Sydney’s status as a global powerhouse. In terms of real estate, it is comparable to New York City, making it one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Sydney’s financial services, communications technology, and creative industries are thriving, so there are plenty of job opportunities.


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