What Are Some fashionable Haircut Melbourne That Looks Impressive For Anyone?


Planning to avail a new look? It’s a good idea, but make sure you are going with a right one Haircut Melbourne that suits well with your face shape and body type.

Getting bored with your same haircut? Now you can change your old look, so ensure to hire a professional hairstylist. Spending some time self-grooming will help to heighten your outlook and improve self-hygiene. Alter your Haircut Melbourne with a unique style that will bring you self-confidence. It will change your personality and make you look pretty among other people. While you know about fashionable hairstyles, you can select the perfect one that boosts your appearance. But make sure to visit a trustworthy hair salon or stylist to trim your hair based on your desire. Never hesitate to try a new and bold hairstyle. Refer below to know some fashionable hairstyles that show you look unique.

Pompadour Haircut

The pompadour haircut is one of the fashionable cuts that is preferred by both men and women. The head sides get an undercut, and the top is styled with a wavy cut. It is a high contrast style that will heighten the outlook. This is named after Madame de Pompadour who is a mistress of King Louis XV of France. Hair with plenty of volumes is perfect to get this haircut. The scissors trim it slightly shorter at the sides and back compared to the top side.

Androgynous Shaved Cut

The androgynous haircut is one of the trendy styles that will easily make the personality more attractive and bold. It has both a feminine and masculine look to it, so it is ideal for unisex. The side section of hair will be shaved instead of underneath, and it will work well for any kind of hair. Based on your wish, you can color the hair to highlight it more. It will make you look bold and unique that easily grabs other’s attention.

Bowl Cut With Shaved Sides

A bowl cut with shaved side is a unisex style that is preferred by most people now. It is also known as a mushroom cut, and the bangs go all the way across the front side. The sides and back are long towards the back or have the same length as the bang. It will be shaved on the head on both sides that heighten your look. This is the apt choice for people who always wish to try a new haircut.

Buzz Haircut Melbourne

The buzz cut is the perfect choice for people who want to change their hairstyle into the shortest one. It is the smallest haircut, and all the parts of the hair will be the same size. It will be performed by using clips only, and it won’t need any scissors to trim the hair layers. It is one of the traditional military haircuts that features a closely shaved back and sided with a long scrap of hair left on the top. It is a versatile cut that makes you look good, and it works well for any kind of face shape. It is also a low-maintenance style so you no need to use any hair products.

Pixie Cut

The pixie haircut is one of the trendy styles that suit short hair people. It is usually short on the back and sides of the head which is a little longer on the top with very short bangs. This has different types like pixie bob, asymmetrical pixie cut, long pixie, short pixie, and more. The pixie hairstyle will heighten your outlook by showing you look fashionable, and it suits the face shapes like oval, round, and heart.

Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk mullet haircut is a stylish one that is best for long hair people. The hair is kept short, equally top and sides. Then it can be lengthy on the backside that looks impressive. In various countries like West Wale; it is called Bouncing Cobra, in the US it is called Mississippi Top Hat and more which differs according to the country.


The undercut hairstyle is a famous pick in this modern era. The hair around the back and sides are shaved and beneath the long hair on top. This is a slight edgy for the people who want to maintain the common style, but it is apt for those who want to be more unique and stylish. You can choose your desired pattern, and the stylist will design the undercut according to it.

Side Swept Shaved Cut

The side-swept shaved haircut is preferred by both men and women. The hair is shaved from the top to down, but all the layers will be at a similar height. In this cut, the hairs are set to one side, and another side will be shaved. It is an uneven haircut that looks amazing. It is excellent for short hair people or those who wish to have a side-swept cut.

Final Thoughts

Select the best Haircut Melbourne from the above-mentioned hairstyles. At Biba, you can get the fashionable hairstyle that boosts up your outlook. Our professional stylist will provide you with high-quality service at the reasonable package

An author is a professional barber, he offers plenty of different Haircut Melbourne for all age-grouped people.

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