Men’s Fashion Tips For This Summer 2023


Want to look like the most on-trend guy during your summer holidays? 2023 summer menswear is very exciting and a lot of new styles and looks have been introduced, so you can easily update and edit your everyday look. These trends include an update on many classic styles, and some new trends that will add a bit of life into your wardrobe. If you’re planning a great holiday this summer, here are some menswear essentials you need to pack in your suitcase.

Embrace The Loose Fit

Loosely fitting and baggy clothing for men is very popular this summer, and should definitely be one of the styles you stay on the lookout for when you’re shopping for your summer holidays. There are many ways you can create an iconic loose-fit style, from wearing baggy cargo trousers for a casual look, or some loose jeans to stay on-trend. These styles of trousers are great as they can be styled all year round, so if you invest in them this summer, you will be able to look stylish well into winter 2023!

Go For Classic Printed Shirts

One of the best ways you can look stylish when you’re on holiday is to invest in some smart and stylish printed shirts. This is an incredibly versatile fashion pick, as they can be styled smartly and dressed up with black trousers, or dressed down over a white vest. There are many styles of printed shirts available in a lot of different prints, so you can find colours and prints that suit your skin tone. This is one of the best and most versatile fashion items you need in your wardrobe for the summer holidays in 2023.

Colour Matching Outfits

One of the best things you can do to instantly elevate your style is to match certain colour schemes and match your accessories by tone. This is quite easy in menswear, as a lot of masculine clothing follows certain colour schemes, particularly neutral tones. Menswear features a lot of black, brown, blue and green hues, which can easily be matched. If you’re having trouble colour-coordinating your outfits, you can do this by instinct. However, if you’re struggling, research colour theory to find the colours that go well together, and also highlight your natural skin tone.

Rock Some Co-Ords

Co-ords have been popular in womenswear for many years, however, they haven’t really been a thing in menswear since the 1980s. However, in 2023, they are coming back with a bang. There are many different types of matching co-ords that look amazing on men in 2023 – such as matching denim sets and cotton mens twin sets. If you want to instantly improve your style this summer, invest in some matching sets and co-ords to stand out amongst the crowd!

Add Some Great Trainers

One of the best ways you can instantly improve your outfits is by adding some stylish colourful block trainers. From what we’re seeing on the runway this year, trainers that have colourful block designs are going to be some of the most stylish footwear options this year. Dress codes are relaxing somewhat, so there are many places that accept designer trainers. Designer sneakers and trainers are easy to wear, as they can be styled with almost any outfit. Never neglect your footwear when it comes to improving your everyday outfits – investing in great footwear can also improve your health and fitness too!

Diversify Your Accessories

One of the best ways men can improve their style this summer in 2023 is to diversify their accessory game. Coordinating small things such as your watch and jewellery can make your outfit look much more cohesive and on-trend. Even items such as socks and belts, which aren’t as visible on men’s outfits, can elevate the style points of your outfit. Think about every single part of your outfit – make sure to match your metals. For example, if you’re wearing a silver watch, make sure the buckle of your belt matches it. Small things like this can instantly make you look stylish.

The best thing about how menswear is evolving is that men now have more opportunities to try different fabrics and styles. There is more choice when it comes to men’s styles and looks, so you can curate better outfits for your summer holidays in 2023. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd this summer, keep a couple of these tips in mind when you’re shopping and packing. You should also keep in mind that your personal style matters more than meaningless trends – if something on this list doesn’t feel right, wear something else! Your personal style and comfort matter the most, and when you’re true to yourself, you’ll look incredibly stylish. However, if you care about being on trend, be sure to include some of the items on this list!

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