Why Not Gift A Men’s Designer Bag This Festive Season?


Leather bags are not something that are often associated with men. But this is a shame because men’s bags are becoming increasingly popular. If you look all over social media, male influencers, male models and celebrities are sporting leather bags. Making it something to jump on, before it becomes a full-blown trend.

Not only is a designer bag the perfect thing for you to take to and from work, it’s also an investment purchase that can appreciate in value over time, not too different from well-kept sneakers or watches.

But if you’re still on the fence, here’s the reasons we think that men should get a great leather bag.

Leather Gets Stronger 

Unlike synthetic materials, leather becomes more and more firm over time as the leather’s patina and flexibility all increase as used. Instead of wearing or chipping away, these handbags tend to look better over time, and are often more comfortable to use as they. Mould slowly to the user. With this in mind a leather bag is a great investment.

Leather Lasts

Leather is the material of choice for luxury brands and their designers because they are a durable and attractive material. So when the bag is both well designed and well made with leather materials, it is a bag that lasts. Often leather bags for men, when made by a team of designers, will also feature hand crafted artisan ships, including a strong lining, double stitching and more, making them more resistant to wear and tear.

Leather is Low Maintenance

Leather is not only timeless and beautiful, but it is also easy to clean and care for. It has natural properties and unique textures that add aesthetic character to wallets and bags both. In addition, its texture makes it easy to clean and prevents the growth of dirt, mildew and bacteria inside the handbag. Genuine leather bags are usually waterproof, durable and anti-fungal. When it comes to cleaning, just grab a damp cloth and wipe away any stains, or use a leather treatment as needed.

Leather is an Investment

Luxury leather handbags have many features that other handbags do not. You might think it’s very expensive just because of how it looks or the brand name, but keep in mind, you aren’t just paying for the design, you’re also paying for the quality, timeless nature, durability and handmade nature of the bag. It’s always far better to invest in an expensive, high-quality handbag than a cheaper option. In contrast to cheaper alternatives, luxury bags don’t need complicated maintenance and frequent cleanings, even after years of use, but cheaper bags will break down sooner and need to be replaced more frequently.

Leather is Sustainable

Apart from their timeless beauty and impressive quality, leather handbags are relatively more sustainable than other synthetic materials. This is a smart investment. Especially if you’re trying to be more conscious about your money and the environment. Leather is sustainable because it is made from animal skins. This is a natural material that does not require synthetic materials for processing. This alongside the durability of the material makes it a sustainable choice, but when you look even deeper, luxury brands do not make high numbers of bags. As the bags are handmade, they make limited numbers.

For example, if you go to your local Louis Vuitton boutique you will not see shelves and shelves full of bags, in fact, the bag you want may need to be ordered from where it is made. Making luxury leather bags a great choice for the environment.

Now that you’re aware of the value of a good leather bag, looking to luxury is a wise choice. As time goes on, brands are offering more and more in the way of men’s bags, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

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