What are the features that decide the quality of backlinks?


Backlinks have come up as an elixir for those on their journey to the top of SERP. You get a word of recommendation from a website and there you are on the top of the search page. And thus people start looking for all the possible ways of excelling at it. You might look for Sydney’s best link building services in hope of getting a high ranking. But how do you ensure it? What are the things that should be cared for when you Buy Quality Backlinks? After all, it can be the difference between the rise or ruin of a business.

Backlinks do not just help a website, it helps the brand image as well.

Features that decide the best quality backlinks!

When the internet was starting to shift from crawling to walking, people saw immense opportunities in it. Their eyes were widened when they saw big loopholes in it. Many businesses took this opportunity and exploited it to the core. Earlier around the year 2000 there were not many quality search engines. Back then Google was emerging as a potential player. It had the idea of using links as a way to rank websites. But how it handled backlinks was not a very refined process. And this is where people saw the opportunity.

The idea leaked out that Google considers the number of backlinks to be a direct ranking factor. The higher the number of backlinks, the better the SERP rankings. And that was all, people started using shortcuts. The crowd was buying cheap domains and then linking them to each other. And it worked. Furthermore, people were also exchanging links for the collective good. But then came the giant Google updates that targeted spam backlink tactics. Try fooling Google now and you’ll be fooling only yourself.

Now, only the websites that buy quality backlinks or use other whitehat link building methods survive. So, how do you ensure that the backlinks you have are of quality?

1 – Get quality backlinks from the same business niche!

It is a result of various major Google updates that we get to see relevant quality search results on SERP when we search for something. Back in the days, there was no guarantee if you’d find the thing you were looking for or not. But then Google released its major updates like Panda, Jagger, Penguin, etc. The idea was to target spam backlinks that tend to manipulate the search rankings.

If you have a website that sells jaggery, getting backlinks from an oil refinery website won’t help you now. It does not make sense that an unrelated website has anything to link to your website. It is suspicious. Even if you buy quality backlinks, those backlinks must be from the same business niche. Link Juice gets passed to the websites that deal in the same business or industry. Do look for Sydney’s Best Link Building Services, but ensure that you are getting links from your business niche.

2 – Backlinks from high DA and PA websites are muah!

Once you’ve ensured that the backlinks are coming from the same business niche, it is time to look for their authoritative value. Imagine you are looking for a book recommendation on flora and fauna. You get two advices – one from Charles Darwin and another from a school teacher. Whom will you trust more? Indeed, Mr. Charles. Why? Because he is from the relevant industry and is an expert. The higher the expertise, the more the Authority. Authority is the value that Google and other search engines look for when evaluating a website. EAT is the principal working factor here. It stands for –

  1. Expertise – Does the content require expertise in the field?
  2. Authority – Is the website an authority in the field?
  3. Trustworthiness – Should we trust the content and the website?

Earlier Google used to give Page Rank scores for pages. But later it removed them because people started manipulating using the score.

DA and PA scores now get calculated using paid third-party tools. Getting 1 backlink from a high DA and PA scored website is far better than getting 10 bad quality links. Thus, always look for backlinks with high DA and PA scores.

3 – Are the websites based on good servers?

Although the impact of this thing is less, it still is. Many shared servers host multiple websites within a single space. It is like an apartment where many families live. If the apartment house hosts criminals in most of its rooms, chances are you’ll be looked at with suspicion too. It is similar to one bad fish makes the whole sea bad. The website that you are getting the backlinks from might be hosted on a server that hosts porn websites too. How to deal with it?

The solution is to look for higher DA and PA websites. Websites get scored based on many factors. And if a website has been scored higher on this scale, it likely is on a good server. Look to buy quality backlinks from a reputed agency and you are good to go.

4 – Having a diverse link profile is good!

Getting 10 links from ten great websites is always better than getting 10 from one great website. What we mean is that you must have a diverse link profile. Try getting links from different quality websites and do not rely on just one.

5 – Focus on the anchor text!

It is something that many people ignore. The general idea is that backlinks alone lift websites to the sky. No! Google and other search engines work based on several algorithms. These algorithms do not understand things the way we humans do. We have the ability to use our intellect and work around problems. But search engines require certain inputs to understand things. Anchor Text is one such medium.


When creating a backlink, make sure that the anchor text is relevant to your business. It is a sin to create a backlink for a quantum computing website using the anchor text ”Doritos are great”. Anchor texts must be relevant. Furthermore, the content surrounding the anchor text must be related and relevant too.

Rankbrain and BERT now have the ability to judge the content based on context. So, do not try to fool around.

The idea is that one must always focus on getting quality backlinks rather than getting more backlinks. The time around is focusing on quality, be it of content or backlinks. Buy quality backlinks to nourish your website. Look for Sydney’s best link building services to help you get your website ranked higher on SERP and earn you profits. The competition is high and a website always needs expertise to grow.

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