What Are the Applications of Printed Stickers?


The application of printed stickers is extensive, from putting stickers on your notebook to putting stickers on the big vehicles for various businesses’ promotional purposes. They are basically custom made printed stickers, where you can have anything you like on them. The purpose of using printed stickers is as your own logo, your own name, favorite cartoon or movie characters, or photographs on them.

Types of stickers

  • Tags
    Tag stickers are used mostly on products in the form of barcodes or QR codes. These stickers can be permanent or temporary according to their purpose.
  • Electrostatic stickers
    These stickers do not have any glue. But they can adhere to smooth surfaces because of the presence of electric charge. They can lose their adhesiveness after losing electric charge over time.
  • Yupo stickers
    These stickers can adhere to smooth surfaces because of micro-suction technology. They are mostly used on glass surfaces. They can serve double-sided applications.
  • Printed magnets
    These stickers are removable and only applied on metallic surfaces without losing their magnetic forces.

There are two types of stickers, i.e., paper stickers and vinyl stickers.

1. Paper stickers

Paper stickers are most affordable, easy to apply almost on every surface. These stickers take quick printing time and can present a glossy or matte finish. Since papers are solid, they can’t avail opaque or transparent printing option.

  • Personalizing
    The custom made stickers Brisbane provides can have many personal uses. You can order them to add a personal touch to your belongings to suggest that they belong to you. It helps you create a consistent theme that can match all your objects. Personalizing your things with your themes makes it easy to identify your things in a room full of uniform supplies.
    These printed stickers can look great on your pencil cases, folders, vehicles, skateboards, desks, wardrobes, or other furniture, etc. printing stickers can be ideal for you to stick them around your room as a means of a reminder of formula, essential dates or revising to-do list.
  • Gift packaging
    Pasting custom made stickers Brisbane avail on your gift packaging will make your presents more thoughtful, and it would seem that you care.
  • Labeling
    Putting on printed stickers is a form of labeling. Instead of customizing a bunch of name-plates to label every operational area, you might want to label them with printed stickers that can cost you much less. You can label a bin where to put dry or wet materials for recycling purposes. You can put labeling stickers as a means of instruction. You can produce barcodes or QR codes for tags on the products.

2. Vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers are otherwise known as tattoos that are used on wall stickers to decorate a room. For commercial usage to promote a business, service, or brand on vehicles, boards beside roads and shop windows, etc., these stickers are usually laminated and can withstand wet outdoor weather conditions. Vinyl stickers protect against fading effects of UV light. They require thicker and stronger material than paper stickers. Vinyl stickers are created in custom die-cut shapes and can be available for opaque or transparent.

    • Naming & branding
      Giving gifts and giveaways are now a modern marketing strategy. If you want to promote your business, you can benefit from custom made printed stickers. Organize a giveaway segment and use your company logo or name on the small giveaway items to attract more customers for your products and services.
    • Marketing campaigns
      While doing marketing campaigns, many business holders customize stickers to coordinate them as a part of their marketing campaigns. They can use various ways inclusive of social media contests and activities. Many printing services use lamination techniques for producing vinyl stickers for marketing campaign services. With the help of custom made printed stickers, companies even produce packaging sleeves to place around products such as bottles or jars by taking their shape for marketing purposes.

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