The 8 Different Types of Ceilings


Never underestimate how much a ceiling can do! This area of your home is considered the last line of defense from all the outside elements however providing a uniform surface to hide pipes, wiring, conduits, and all kinds of work that keeps your home and office supplies functioning. There are so many different types of ceiling available in the market which are worth enhancing the entire look of your room. However, they are even called the fifth wall and are taking a center stage in the modern era. Further, if you are planning to renovate or build, it’s essential you understand the different types of ceilings, considering the style and height of your room. Just have a look at these different types of ceilings.

Tall ceiling

These types of the ceiling are best for any space, be it a home or commercial space with office supplies. However, it brings an element of spaciousness and openness. In recent times, they are commonly designed in the duplex homes and bungalows to create an associated space by connecting two levels with an atrium.

Beam ceiling

If you love traditional architecture, a home with beam ceilings could be an ultimate choice because they are so charming. It’s a traditional style of ceiling carried in homes where the load-bearing wooden beams are exposed on the inside of the home. At the same time, versatility is the hallmark of this ceiling and the trend is in vogue again.

Coffered ceiling

Looking for an exotic ceiling that’s probably found nowhere else in the neighborhood. The coffered ceiling is also known as tray ceilings is divided into a uniform grid of square or rectangular sunken panels. Each sunken panel here is consistently finished with a molding to offer a decorative and charming touch to the ceiling design.

Domed ceiling

The domed ceiling resembles the shape of a half-sphere or dome. They are popularly used to create an accent feature within the ceiling. Best suited for areas like the entrance, lobby, and other common areas of the dining and living area. Additionally, they can be highlighted with a chandelier, decorative paint, or any diffused lighting.

Barrel vault ceiling

This is a barrel-shaped ceiling that comes with an arch that runs the entire length of the ceiling. These ceilings are mostly used along a long hallway. You can highlight them with skylights that bring an elegant grace to the interiors.

Cathedral ceiling

The Cathedral ceiling is mostly used in a religious place. This type of ceiling gives a very spacious and airy look to both the indoors and outdoor areas. Besides, they also work best in areas like the weekend homes and farmhouses where space is not a constraint.

Exposed ceiling

These ceilings or beams work best for commercial-themed space where utilities like the AC ducts, wires and other services are left discovered.

Shed ceiling

The shed ceiling may sound basic but are another version of the vaulted ceiling. This type of ceiling is preferred in homes with a garret space. Equally, it has a slope that slants towards one side of the enclosed or semi-open space.

Final verdict

Ceilings create an effect on the interior of a home or office space. The above-mentioned ceilings are attractive and can grab anyone’s attention easily.

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