SEO Agency: What Are The Odds That You Might End Up Getting Scammed?


They say the conman does not come disguised if you really know how to look at. These beings are not new; they have been here since the time genus Homo is here. Then what difference has the internet cooked to them? It has become a rich ground for those lurking to deceive newbies and those seeking quick SERP results. Alone in Sydney, SEO agency might scam you if you are unknown to how to look at.

When you approach a company, you rarely do aim for a short-term surge. But keeping a website as the cream of the crop for years after years is no easy task. Minds full of expertise keep on firing their neurons to help your website reach that dream spot. However, the wild is full of lures that look to deprive you of your peace and money. You must know how to find out a genuine SEO agency whose sheer intention is to serve you their years of wisdom.

You do not need a microscope to find those bacterias, but some tips.

Here are some tips on how to approach an (Sydney) SEO agency to not just find about their authenticity but to help create a better sense of harmony between you.

Seek out their working methods:

As per the expertise of Blurn, SEO agency, if genuine, would be willing to share how they would be going to work on your website. An SEO agency, if scam, would always hesitate is telling you about their work procedures. Ask them how do they work, what websites do they link to, what are those websites about, what is their trust score, how long have they been in the industry, what is their track record, what do they promise, or any other question that concerns you.

Keep a note of your penalties:

Another hint is if your website gets any warning or penalty from Google or other search engine. Penalties usually occur when a person or the SEO agency itself uses foul blackhat techniques to increase the rankings. Blackhat tactics usually target the loopholes in the search engines’ algorithms. They are quick ways and inflict the quality of user experience. How would you feel when you search Google about ‘Sydney SEO Agency‘, and all you see in the top of SERP are some websites with no real content or authority? This would lead to a descent of trust. A foul SEO agency would try to use blackhat methods to show you some quick results. You’ll see some quick results at first, then they’ll ask you for further money, and then use again blackhat methods. If beyond a certain limit, it might also get your website banned by a search engine.

A drop in the ranking is a sign that comes to you and speaks.

If from nowhere you see a sudden decline in your website’s ranking and your hopes, then do keep an eye. If they still keep on dropping, raise your eyes and look for any penalties or the methods the SEO Company is using. A wavering ranking for some time might be understandable, but a continuous decline is something to look at. Talk to your SEO company and ask them the reason for such a drop. If they fail to give you an answer about it, or you sense some scam in their response – opt-out and report.

Promises of Heavens in a flash is sure a way to hell.

If SEO had to be a day’s or a month’s work then internet would have been full of bad quality content, and rankings would be hugely changing around daily. Google takes care of user experience above anything. Its EAT principle is one of the major ranking factors impacting the website’s ranking. EAT looks for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. If your website links to many new or spammy websites that have no trust score in Google, then Google would see you suspiciously along. Most SEO scammers would lure you with thousand backlinks in a day or a week or something, but they usually farm links. Furthermore, if they promise you a big amount of visits (for example 5,000 visits in a day) then know that those visits might be from bots. They might take your money and leave you midway, but it might impact your website’s image for a long run.

If they guarantee to you that they will put your website at the number one spot, or that they’ll list your website on all the search engines out there – Be wary of them. There are around 140+ search engines out there and it is almost impossible to get indexed on everyone. Google alone covers around 94% of the total search share.

Look out for the contract they bind you in.

Many fake or foul SEO companies try to take the ownership of your content. They speak to you reasons many behind it, but it is not the right thing to live through. It might even look fine to you at first, and sure will be fine, but until the moment you are with them. The moment you speak to them of backing out, they might deprive you of all the content and even sell it to any other buyer at some very fine price. It might get worse if they make your social media handles by themselves and keep the ownership of them to themselves on papers.

The afterthoughts on SEO agency and you.

If you think they are trying to lure you with honey and heaven, step back. SEO is a tough task and does not come at cheap prices. In Sydney, Blurn SEO agency might offer you very cheap prices and promise you links and visitors in a flash. Know that these agencies might be a scam. It always comes vital to know few things beforehand about SEO than to walk like a fool in the fraudster’s yard. With A.I. and deep machine learning coming into the play, things are going to get better further. The focus would be given to the user intent and the website’s content. The psychology is simple – If the content is good and genuine, the user won’t return in seconds but will stay, and this would lead to lower bounce rates. Take care of your website and keep these tips in mind if ever you think of helping your business with the expertise of some Sydney SEO agency.

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