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All SEO packages tend to differ between professionals as well as organisations. However, there might be some sort of similarities if you compare the SEO packages offered by various companies. If you are looking for SEO as well as link building services, a PerfectLinkBuilding SEO agency in Sydney, Australia would be an ideal choice. They offer various SEO as well as link building services in packages at affordable rates. Take a look at different packages they offer:

Read more to find out various services that are offered by most of the SEO and link building agencies in their packages.

  • SEO Content Creation:- Content is an essential and inevitable element if you are looking for better SEO results. It helps in sending out positive signals to the search engine’s algorithms and also serves as an engaging way to connect well with the audience. If the content seems to be compelling, the website visitors would come to the website for engaging content, blog posts and gain more knowledge. This is why most of the search engines rank websites based on the content in them. The search engine understands that quality content helps in building trust between a brand and its audience. There are different types of content created by an SEO professional for the website such as videos, articles, posts or any other unique form of content. It is easy to manipulate the search engine’s algorithms by optimising the content for backlinks as well as keywords.
  • On-page & Off-page SEO :- Another important ranking factor is on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is about all the factors that the search engine ranks on the website. It optimises the content for keywords, UX quality and various important SEO factors. It is an intricate process that involves studying search queries, building internal links, checking for performance on search engines and optimising the website design. Off-page SEO optimises the website from other sources such as by building backlinks to your website from other websites. It contains other strategies like optimising social media for search engines, lead building, press and media mentions and so on.
  • Technical SEO :- SEO is more than keywords, links and content. If you 2ish to tank the website higher, you should learn and know how search engines work. This could be done by using various SEO strategies. Technical SEO mostly contains techniques like increasing page speed, repairing or replacing broken links, creating a responsive design, optimising websites for mobile users and making sure that the sitemap of the website is accessible.
  • Local SEO :- All businesses cannot benefit from local SEO. However, if you get more sales and traffic from the local customers, investing in local SEO could be worth it. Some search engines apply certain terms and SEO strategies for local businesses. To rank the website, the search engine should recognise the business. You could enter all the basic company information for that in recognised search engines. Other local SEO strategies include ranking for locally optimised keywords and link building within the local market. The local SEO professional might help you out when it comes to creating a business listing to make sure that the business appears on relevant business organisations and groups. Local SEO is optimized for specific search engines as well as maps. The success in local SEO would happen when you list the name, address and phone number on every webpage.
  • Strategy & Trends:- SEO is an industry that keeps changing constantly. SEO tactics that were used a couple of years ago are outdated now. Continuous SEO support is by keeping up with the SEO trends and updating the SEO techniques to match the current trends.
  • Monthly SEO Reporting:- Rather than performing SEO, keep checking if the SEO efforts are successful or not. Reporting is a great tool for that. You could look at a comprehensive report of the performance of the website on search engines. This service helps you track success in SEO activities and monitor the ways you gain benefit and could help you identify if any changes should be made or not. You could understand more details such as keyword rankings, search visibility, conversions, website traffic, link building and content performance. Besides this, you would receive reports and could communicate with the SEO professional constantly to track changes and progress.

Red Flags You Could Avoid with SEO Services

  • SEO is an evolving concept that would need continuous learning, research and changes. There are various red flags you could avoid when you are opting for monthly SEO services.
  • Some prices might seem too affordable. If someone is offering services for prices that are tough to believe, you should be very careful. SEO involves a lot of research, hard work and above all, timely execution in the right way at the right time. If you feel something fishy in the initial stage, clarify it or opt for another SEO agency.
  • Promises regarding high ranking for all the keywords. SEO is a tough task and if someone promises that all the keywords are top-performing, the chances are high that it’s a plain lie. There are a lot of companies that invest in SEO. Hence, total domination would be a herculean task to attain.
  • The promise of immediate results. Agencies, to get immediate results might resort to various methods that might violate search engine policies. The shortcuts might prove valuable for the short-term but once the search engine tracks the activity, the website would be subjected to penalisation and you will have to start all over again in SEO.
  • Offering guarantees. SEO is an evolving process and no agency could give any type of guarantee regarding the results. An experienced SEO team would provide estimates based on similar campaigns that were successful in the past. However, search engine activities cannot be fully controlled.

Importance of Monthly SEO Plan

  • SEO has a complex nature and it is hence important to go ahead with a monthly SEO plan. It can prove to be important for consistency and as SEO investments might be for the long-term. Monthly SEO plans have become the most popular option in the industry as clients, websites, keywords and industries keep changing. An agile team could search and implement new strategies without any time restrictions for long term success.
  • If you are considering investing in monthly SEO packages for more organic visibility, you could opt for They offer various SEO and Link building packages with experienced experts working on the brand. They would design a custom SEO package for the brand so that you could see the results on the search engine results page.
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