Is BlackHat a term invented by SEO services companies to trick people?


And then he came opening the door, inside, scratching his head and brows contracted closer in thought, suggesting, “I think these SEO companies have invented this Blackhat to trick people in fear, so they come to them for salvation.” Well, no question is naive and no curiosity foul. It has been a business strategy since that first trade had happened eons back – To instill the rods of fear in people, and then offer them love and healing. What are the chances that BlackHat is a fear that SEO agencies, say Blurn (SEO services company, Sydney,) spill to get some business?

Understanding this suspicious thing called ‘BlackHat’

If the suspicion was around the term, then here is a quick answer to this – SEO agencies have not invented this term at least. The origin of BlackHat goes back to western movies. It was a vague term to distinguish bad guys from good guys — bad guys being blackhats and whitehats the good ones. In the future, computers would ease our lives (who knows!) but along with them were the bad guys, hackers, virus creators, scammers, and so they became known as Blackhats. This takes the drape of the first suspicion, that these are not the SEO agencies (Like Blurn, seo services company, Sydney) who have created this term. Now the doubt stays around if these SEO companies use this term to gather business around!

Before we go into this, one thing should be cleared – what all comes under the umbrella of Blackhat? What actually is Blackhat? If we just search Blackhat in the Google, we at first see a Hollywood production from the year 2005 about a hacker, then below it comes websites around computer security. But if we search ‘Blackhat SEO’, we see websites speaking of many malicious ways of fooling a search engine. From words like keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden links, comment spamming, overusing anchor text, Hidden Content, Article Spinning, Doorway Pages, and much beyond the count. What are these things?

People usually go anxious when things take time. Their feet start to quiver, their hearts beat unusually, sweat glands start doing overtime, and temperature peaks to fever. We love to see things grow, but we love to see them growing in a day. This greed pushes the mind to think around ways to get growth quicker. This greed lurks here and there, looks for the loopholes, and starts to mine and exploit in immoral ways.

Blackhat is this immorality that causes issues to people while searching for things. And no wonder that Google is at war against these miners and exploiters. Would you love it if you search ‘Blurn, SEO services company Sydney’ and see something else in the SERP? It does not only turn you grumpy but consumes your precious time. This is what Google’s Algorithms work towards around the clock.

Do SEO companies lure you with this ‘Blackhat’ term?

Would you want a website that have no better quality content, no content in quantity either, takes much of your time but comes cheaper, but yet does show to other people on the top of the search result page? Sure you might want it. Who would deny results in a day!? But what if we say that the website won’t stay on Google for long before getting taken down from indexation? Nobody, whose aim is to set foot on the internet for the long term, would want to experiment over their precious website – A website that would be a brand image to millions in the future. This thing is simple.

Google holds over 94% share of the complete search market. This Giant called Google works with a goal of providing better search services to the world, and it would always want to target those being an obstruction. Either Its webspam filter scans the websites and reconciles them with the algorithms set, or either a local webspam team manually works on these issues. Thus, Blackhat is a technique that people use to get higher ranks on SERP in less time. This sometimes shows results, but then Google’s Algorithm takes it down. What happens? The website gets penalized, or furthermore, if it has been negatively compromised then, it can be taken down and banned by Google. Nobody would want it.

What do SEO companies do?

You must be known to the basics of how to look out for a genuine SEO company. There are a lot of spam SEO agencies that lure people with sugary promises at cheaper rates. They sure might show you some quick results, but they get to it by blackhat tactics. You may see bots as visitors. Links may be new, cheap, and spammy, with a low trust score. Keywords may be stuff densely.

This costs your website and brand image in the long term. So, says Blurn,  SEO services company Sydney, that if you have the knowledge of how to look out for an SEO company, then the path gets easier for you. What genuine SEO agencies do is that they offer you quality content, high-quality backlinks with higher trust scores, optimize your website and all the manual crawling stuff, and keeping your website at par with the Google algorithmic updates.

Considering that the work is done per the guidelines set by Google, SEO does take a little longer to sprout and show up in search results. All hail to the various ranking factors and the competition alongside. Blurn says, choose your SEO agency with some knowledge beforehand, show some trust and patience in them, and let them nourish your website. They understand how much you love your website and they do shape it with care.

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