Is latex in Incontinence Underwear For Men and Women Good For Health?


Days keep on falling behind, years change, people grow and grow old, and around them the world keeps on passing through trends. Studies around good and bad keep on happening. Technology keeps on changing too. This makes space for new things that we use. Similarly, earlier where the latex was thought of innovative for the clothing, now people are raising brows upon them. And in these clothing the top spot that gets worries is the incontinence underwear for men and women. People are wondering if latex is any good in pads and pants! Even some of the best incontinence underwear for men Australia these days have latex. So, does this mean it is good? We’ll find out.

What is latex?

Latex simply means rubber. It is naturally found in plants and trees. Latex is like a milky fluid when it gets discharged by the tree upon getting an injury. But what all does it contain? Studies have found that latex consists of proteins, sugars, alkaloids, resins, oils, gums, and tannins. However, humans have also found a way to create latex. This is called synthetic latex. We use it all the time. For example, Paints, glues, gloves, etc. But what about clothing and incontinence underwear?

People use it as clothes in the fashion industry. The material used there comes from a graded quality suitable for skin. However, things change when it comes to nappies and pants. You might have seen companies selling incontinence underwear for men (Australia) writing ‘Latex Free’ on the pack. But why?

Are incontinence underwear for men with latex bad?

There are few things to consider here that relate to latex.

  • Latex is not a breathable material.
  • Latex contain a set of proteins that are found in the milky fluid.

Now, when it comes to diapers and incontinence underwear, the general rule of thumb is that they should be able to contain fluid and they should be breathable. A lot of people buy nappies and pants that do not have a breathable material and this leads to a build-up of moisture. This moisture becomes a haven for fungus and leads to fungal infections.

Another things is that latex contains natural protein. When this latex in incontinence underwear comes in contact with the skin, the body thinks of it as an alien substance. The immune system thinks of it as harmful and starts an immune response. This leads to rashes and swelling. In the worst case scenario, anaphylaxis happens. This thing has pushed the leading companies to make body and eco friendly diapers. These companies provide the best incontinence underwear for men Australia that are latex free and are disposable.

How to buy latex free incontinence underwear?

There are many companies out there in Australia itself, like Confidence Club, which provide latex free super absorbent pads and pants. Either you buy it for yourself or someone else, make sure the fabric or material used is breathable and skin friendly. It would save you from the further trouble that you might get after using poor quality pants and pads. Look for the incontinence underwear for men (Australia) with the capacity that you need. Pads contain liquid up to 700ml, while pants can hold up to 2500ml. But make sure you do not stay dependent on them. Studies have shown that using them for a longer time leads to condition getting worse. Why? Because people do not ever go to the washroom, even when they can, and this makes their pelvic and sphincter muscles go latent. So use the washroom when you can. Don’t go lazy.

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