Incontinence Products Available for Bowel Incontinence in Australia!


The market around is all full of incontinence products related to Urinary Incontinence. There are best incontinence pants Australia, pads, tampons, bags, catheters, penile clamps, etc. But what about Fecal Incontinence that feels more terrible? What all kinds of products are available for this condition in the market?

Fecal Incontinence and Incontinence Products!

Fecal Incontinence is a condition when a person holds no control over the bowel movements and thus feces pass at inappropriate times. Because Feces have form unlike urine, which is pure liquid, it gets hard to contain them in incontinence pads. So, what are the different incontinence products (Australia) available in the market for those suffering from this saddening problem?

Anal Plugs!

At the end of the intestine, where the rectum is, a group of muscles, called sphincter muscles, serve their function of controlling feces. These muscles keep the end closed tightly, thus holding the feces. But these muscles sometimes fail to function properly due to many reasons like nerve damage, psychological disorder, pelvic floor weakening, etc. The condition turns brutal when one suffers from diarrhea.

Anal Plugs have a concave-like end attached to a thread that is used to pull the plug out. The plugs are made of a material that extends after coming in contact with moisture. This helps in containing the feces. You should not keep them beyond 12 hours. But they come with certain disadvantages:

  • The person feels an urge to defecate because of the sensation they cause inside rectum.
  • These plugs can irritate the inner lining.
  • These plugs feel slightly difficult to insert and remove.

They have a slightly better version in the market called Anal Inserts. Anal Inserts are made of silicon, which is a softer material. You insert this device and take it out when needed.

Fecal Collection Device!

There are many different kinds available in the market to help people contain feces.

  • A Rectal Trumpet is like a tube. One end of the tube, which is the wider end, gets inserted inside the anus and the other end goes into the drainage bag.
  • The Catheters and Tubes are similar but slightly different. One end goes inside and gets inflated, the other end goes to a drainage bag.
  • An eternal pouch that has one end having wafer and the other end having a drainage plug. The wafer gets attached to the anus. This bag has a passage for the airway. This helps in controlling the bag from getting inflated.

Best Incontinence Pants (Australia)!

Then there are bowel incontinence pants. In the case of fecal incontinence, pads do not work. They fail to hold the feces in an appropriate way. Bowel incontinence pants are like those baby diapers that have a hollow depression in the middle part that contains the feces. They are the most comfortable among all. But the thing is that they do not work when a person suffers from diarrhea as the diapers need to get changed a lot.

Some bowel incontinence pads come in a butterfly shape that gets fitted between the buttocks. They have edges that get raised to create a tub-like container that collects feces thus.

If you defecate fewer times, then pants in all the incontinence products Australia work best when combined with a plug or insert. Consult a doctor and take advice about how you can treat this condition. Fecal Incontinence is treatable. If it is due to a psychological disorder, behavioral therapy works best. If there is some infection in the tract then a doctor can advise you further on what to do.

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