How to do link building for a health and fitness website?


If you have a website that you dream of ranking higher on SERP, you sure must have heard of SEO. But what about link building? Not many people consider link building to be important. But recently it has become as important as SEO. If you excel at SEO but not at backlinks then you rarely will rise. Such is why people are looking to buy quality backlinks (Australia). The reason? Because it helps surpass the competitors and sit on the throne. But not all industries require the same link building strategies. We spoke to about how link building should be done for a health and fitness-related website.

A vital tip for fitness freaks – Link Building does not equal body building!

Link Building tips for health and fitness websites!

Link Building for any website is a vital step that, if missed, leads to a deep fall. It is very similar to the real world where knowledge and talent need some hands to lift up and rise before the crowd. For a website to rise, it must have links with other popular websites in the same niche. Now, you might think that to buy quality backlinks Australia could be enough. No, the quantity of backlinks does not matter, the quality does.

It was a decade back when people had started to create ghost websites and link them to their main websites. It tricked Google to infer that this website has many links and thus should be ranked higher. While this was a foul tactic to manipulate the search engine, it worked. But then it spoiled the quality of the internet. People were searching for something and seeing something else on the internet. But now things are different as Google engines have grown a thousand times stronger than they were a decade ago. You would never be able to make it to the top without getting the quality. Such is the strength of engines that websites sometimes use spam links and link them to their competitors. This leads to a fall in their competitors’ websites and thus making space for their own. It could be dealt with using the Google Disavow Tool.

So, what are the things you must do to create link building for a health and fitness website?

Do Guest Blogging!

Guest blogging was, is, and will be the finest way to get backlinks from top authority websites. However, know that getting backlinks for free from top authority websites in fitness and health won’t be easy. It will call for lots of effort. Some websites might even charge for giving you their link juice in return. This is common as people are becoming more aware of the value of backlinks with high DA and PA scores. Even when you buy quality backlinks (Australia), which often gets required, look for links with high DA and PA scores. This will help you gain the pace. It is very similar to when a local trainer speaks about you in the public v/s Arnold speaking about you.

Backlinks with high DA and PA scores help a website get the required boost; while low-quality backlinks harm a website.

To look for websites that are offering guest post space you have to do a Google search in a specific way.

Type – Your targeted keyword + “write guest post” with quotation marks included.

You might try replacing “write guest post” with other generic terms like “write for us”, “submit a post”, “guest blog” etc.

Focus on Social Media!

Never in history had the world been on social media platforms as it is today. Almost all of us spend our time looking for the content we love on social media. But it could be hard for you to focus on all the platforms as there are many like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. For this, you might first want to know where your targeted customers lie. YouTube generally works best for health and fitness related websites. However, you might want to have other social media accounts too. It is a necessity as much as having quality backlinks.

Once you have your social media accounts ready, upload high-quality engaging content. The focus must not be on quantity but on quality. Here are some tips for the content type you can upload –

  • Healthy recipes like vegan or keto diet recipes.
  • Tutorials for different types of exercises along with methods one should avoid.
  • Instructions on what to do and what not to do.
  • Interviews with famous health experts.
  • Q&A sessions to keep the public engaged.

Following these tips can help you have a good social media presence. Google has confirmed it that social media clues get used to impact the SERP rankings. Social media clues are clues that tell if a brand is being spoken about in a good way or not.

Do Competitors’ analysis!

They say that keep your friends close but enemies closer. This comes very true in the case of digital competition. Millions of websites get created every day. This means a huge amount of competition. But this also means a sea full of opportunities. When we talk about a website making it to the top, it does not make it top of SERP in a vacuum. It struggles hard and topples down the ones that are already on the SERP’s throne.

If there already are websites that you have to compete with, you might want to check over your competitors. This will help you get an idea of what you are going to deal with. This will also help you frame your digital strategies accordingly.

To do competitors’ analysis, use tools like MOZ, SemRush, Ahrefs, etc. They are handy and save a hell lot of time that one can spend on other vital areas. Or you might hire an expert digital strategist, suggests . These experts know what things mean in depth and thus deal accordingly. It is like getting self-taught v/s getting taught by an expert. Once you see the quality backlinks your competitors are having, you might want to replace them with better quality content.

Focus on Q&A websites!

There are websites where people reach to look for solutions. Few such examples are quora, answer, reddit, etc. You might want to create an account there and reach them out with the intention to help. If they like your response, you might get potential visitors and customers.

Make sure that you do not spam these Q&A platforms with cheesy marketing approaches. You won’t make it anyhow because these engines are strong.

Have a good web design!

Not many do focus on web design. Know that a web design works like a restaurant’s interior. You might serve the finest Mexican salad in the world, but if your dining area is not good then you sure will fail.

A web design impacts search rankings directly, said . Invest some money in getting an attractive web design. Many people share websites based on the outlook and creativity there.

Focusing on these few things can help you get over the first gear and stay on the roll. Know that these things take time, and much more when handled by self instead of an expert. If you have high competition, you might even face more brutal storms. This is why websites invest big to buy quality backlinks in Australia. It helps websites get a boost from the websites that are already established.

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