How to choose the right anchor text to excel at SEO and Link Building?


When we talk about backlinks, rarely do we talk about anchor texts. People often consider backlinks to be the sword that can win them wars single-handedly. However, when we talk about backlinks, we talk about lots of other things alongside. One of those things is Anchor Text. What is it? And how much impact does it make on the SERP rankings? Looking for the Best SEO Link Building Services Australia is indeed important, but what is more important is having the right knowledge. Contact us if you need help in any field related to a website.

Know that an anchor text is as important as the backlink itself.

Anchor Text and its purpose!

Anchor text is the clickable text in a blog post that takes you to another webpage on the internet. For example, suppose you are reading an article about coconuts. In that article, you might find a phrase like ‘coconut wine’ that you can click and visit another webpage. Here, coconut wine is the anchor text that is linking you to another website. It helps in SEO and link building.

Now, why do we need an anchor text? Can’t we do without it?

Search Engines do not have an intellect of their own. They depend on certain algorithms to understand what the content is on the servers. To them, data is not how we see before our eyes. It is all in binary codes. Now, when you upload an article on the internet, you first need the search engines to find your content. For this, you need SEO. Now, your content must be understandable. And for this too, you need SEO. What is SEO? Well, SEO is like a code that you follow in order to make your content findable and understandable.

When you place a link in a blog post that sends users to another web page, Google needs to understand why a link is placed there and what is the link about. To understand this, it uses anchor text as a hint. All SEO link building services know this. If you are placing a hyperlink for the phrase ‘SEO agencies’, search engines will understand that the website is related to SEO agencies. It serves two purposes –

  1. It helps that website (the hyperlinked one) to rank for the keyword SEO agencies (given that all other ranking factors are at place).
  2. This also helps the users to gain in-depth knowledge regarding a subject matter.

Many people think that all they need to do is to place backlinks. And this is where they make the biggest mistakes of their lives. They use the wrong anchor texts. Consequently, Google starts to rank those websites for all the wrong keywords. So, what should you do when using anchor texts?

How to choose anchor texts for link building?

Excelling at the anchor texts is an art. Sometimes even the best SEO link building services (Australia) fail to do it rightly. There are two things that majorly decide if an anchor text will work or not –

  1. The choice of keywords
  2. The placement/position of those keywords

You work on these two things and you are good to go. Contact us if you have a big website to work upon.

So, how do you do it?

1 – Choosing keywords for Anchor text!

Keywords are what most people often ignore. But know that it is the very step that takes you to the top of SERP. Choosing the wrong step can take you towards ruins instead of roses.

When we talk about keywords, they are like the key for a website. We have discussed above how search engines work around to understand the content and make some meaning out of it. When we talk about keywords, we talk about the possible words we can rank for. This is why the selection of keywords becomes necessary. The best seo link building services (Australia) always know the value of choosing the right keywords. If your targeted customers are using some other keywords and you are using other keywords in your content, your website will never show up on the SERP to your potential customers. Furthermore, it will lead to a fall in your ranking. Here is why.

  1. Choosing the wrong keywords will attract the wrong visitors.
  2. When visitors won’t find the content helpful (because it was not written for them) they will exit the website.
  3. It will lead to a higher bounce rate and lower time-spent-on-website rate.
  4. Consequently, your website will stop ranking even for the keywords you have selected because users are not loving your content.

This is why one must always revere the keywords. It all starts with Keyword Research.

Keyword research is a process that helps you find the right keywords that your targeted customers are using on the internet to look for things. For example, if your website is about selling coffee then you must know what your customers might be searching for on the internet to look for coffee. This is what keyword research does. There is a whole big process that requires effort, creativity, intellect, and some paid tools to reach perfection. Once you have known the keywords that you’d want to rank for, it is time to use them as anchor texts. But, where to place them?

2 – Placing anchor texts at the right position for SERP ranking!

Now, it comes down to where should you use your targeted keywords in your content.

This question was also asked from a Google representative back in the years. He was asked if the position of keywords impact the search ranking or not. He said that it does.

“If you are writing a book about bananas, then we would not want to wait till the 30th page to hear the word banana. Try to use the keywords in your article as early as possible. Try including them in the title and subtitles if possible. But do not try to manipulate. Be natural.”

Similarly, when using those targeted keywords, you’d want to use them as early as possible in your content.

When it is about anchor text, try including it between a paragraph rather than at the beginning or end. There is no set position that we can say works best. All that you can do is to try being natural. Work with an intent to help your users rather than manipulate them. And know that in the long run it always works.

If you need someone to help your business reach new heights, Contact Us. We are the best seo link building services in Australia that have helped businesses reach new heights and have a revenue growth of 300-400%. It is all about using the right strategies and having the right knowledge.

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