How to Choose a Dentist for Your Kids


If you are a parent, you’re surely always thinking about your children’s wellbeing. One important aspect you should not overlook is their oral health as tooth decay is one of the most prevalent issues among kids. It’s recommended to choose a pediatric dentist for your little one before their baby teeth start falling out. In case you’re not sure how to pick the right dentist for them, here are a few pieces of advice that will help you ensure their teeth are healthy and bright.

Ask the people around you

For starters, you can ask the people around you if they have any recommendations. If your relatives and friends also have kids, see who they’ve opted for and how satisfied they are. In case you’re the first of your friend group to have children, perhaps you can turn to other parents from your little one’s school and talk to them to get more info about the local pediatric dentists. Enquire more about their first visit, the office environment, and how friendly and welcoming the dental team was.

Read some online reviews

Regardless of whether you get some recommendations or not, you should also do some research online. In many cases, dentist’s offices have websites where they list all their services. Check if they also have a pediatric dentist. It’s possible that they include some testimonials from satisfied customers, but you should still look for reviews in other places. Look for comments on Facebook, Google, and Yelp to see some more honest opinions. You can read more about both positive and negative experiences people have had in a certain office and make your decision based on that.

Check their credentials

After narrowing down your options by listening to recommendations and reading reviews, you also want to check the credentials of every pediatric dentist on your list. You want to make sure they are registered with the local body in charge. If you’re located in Australia, that means the Dental Board of Australia. Plus, you want to check they are specialized in pediatric dentistry and know how to handle children. They will typically have additional training that will prepare them for this kind of work as they will deal exclusively with children and teenagers. See where they got their degree as well and look into how accredited that school is. Moreover, you want to see if they’re constantly working on improving themselves and investing in continuous training. If they’ve graduated 15 years ago, it is necessary to stay up-to-date with the times by implementing new practices and equipment. Those with a degree and plenty of certificates will proudly display them so you can see them on the walls of the office.

Look for someone with plenty of experience

Degrees are important but so is experience. While you shouldn’t overlook some freshly graduated professionals, turning to pediatric dentists that have plenty of experience in treating kids can be an advantage. They typically know how to approach children that are afraid of the dentist and cheer them up with games or similar incentives. Furthermore, having experience means that they know how to handle all the relevant dental handpieces and make them less scary to kids. A person that switched to this field recently might not be comfortable around kids and the little ones will surely notice their anxiety.

Schedule an appointment

The next step should be scheduling an appointment with a doctor you like the most. Most places allow visits during which they will provide you with more information about their services and professionals. Take your kids as well and see how child-friendly the atmosphere is. Talk to the staff and learn about their procedures and how they can help your little one. You might also want to keep in mind how close and accessible the office is. Is it out of your way to go there often if your kid ends up having to go a few times a week?

Ask your kids for an opinion

Last but not least, ask your child for an opinion. As they should be present during your visit, they can tell you if they felt comfortable or scared. If you visit a few offices, your little one can point out which one made them feel safe. You might also notice your child reacting to a certain doctor in a particularly positive way, especially if you have a shy kid. Take their opinion into account when making the final decision.

These tips should be useful when making your decision. This is a big part of your child’s health so don’t overlook it. Find the best dentist possible!

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