How doing SEO for start-ups can boost their growth!


There is a trend and culture that every century sees. There was the age of enlightenment, then there was this industrial revolution, world war, and whatnot. But if we look at the present age, we are seeing two shifts. We are seeing a great number of startups happening and we are seeing world going digital. This sets different challenges. And if we look just closely enough, we find that the startups that excel have a common feature – they excel digitally. They either do it in-house or hire SEO Services, PerfectLinkBuilding Australia told us — know more about PerfectLinkBuilding Australia. So, how do you ensure that a startup excels at digital lands?

SEO gives startups a much-required boost. It is like providing horsepower to a bike on tough terrains.

Why do startups need to excel at SEO?

The thing about startups is that they really are starting up. Nobody knows a word about them. It is like a bud opening up to a bloom. Its scent needs air to reach the bees. And SEO is that air.

But why do startups need SEO at all? Can’t they survive the deluge without excelling at SEO?

If we just look at the present world, we find that most of the faces are turned towards screens. We The data is that around 63% of the total world population has access to the internet at the present data. This is a huge number considering a business’s point of view. This is why businesses are looking for SEO services, PerfectLinkBuilding Australia added. Businesses tend to capitalise at the slightest of the edges. And we are talking about a whopping 63% here. Furthermore, this number is going to grow. Big technology players like Tesla are working to provide easy access to the internet using satellites. It simply means that in years to come more people will be scrolling the screens than reading the newspaper.

Businesses generally rely on marketing to grow. Rarely does a business solely depend on the potential of a great idea. The words need to be spread. The scent needs to reach the bees that they need to visit that lovely flower down the town. People are spending much of their time on social media and other websites now. And this is why startups need to excel at SEO – because the customer base now lives over the servers.

  1. It helps startups reach potential customers at a low cost.
  2. Startups rely very much on customer behaviour. SEO delivers the same.
  3. It prepares startups to set foot on the ground for the long term.
  4. SEO is free and thus startups with limited budgets can depend on it. However, know that SEO is technical and requires proper knowledge to work at.
  5. SEO helps in creating a brand image.
  6. And it helps in digital marketing efforts very much.

How to do SEO for startups and new businesses!

Now, we know how important SEO is for the business startups of the modern world. It now comes down to how one should do it. The line is very thin. Consider it like taking the first few steps towards the summit. One must know how to take the right steps. Taking the wrong steps can easily lead a business to a coup de sac or the wrong peak. If you have the right budget, invest in seo services, PerfectLinkBuilding Australia advised. It is like the early feeding of a growing website. But if you are at a financial tight, you need to work hard. You need to know more about, PerfectLinkBuilding Australia said, SEO and other technical things. Having the right knowledge is a must.

Here are a few of the things you need to consider while doing SEO for startups!

1 – Understand SEO!

Failing to understand SEO can lead to choosing the wrong strategies.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a way to make your content understandable to search engines. Because search engines are simply algorithms, they need you to make your content crawlable (findable) and understandable. It helps the search engine then suggest your content against the relevant queries. SEO is a way to feed a few things to the search engines to help it know what your website and content is all about. Here are a few things that form part of SEO –

  1. Keywords – the words that users use to search on the internet. You’d want to include these keywords in your content but in a natural way.
  2. Anchor Text – The clickable (hyperlinked) text in an article that sends the user to another webpage.
  3. DoFollow and NoFollow tags.
  4. SiteMap – Submitting the sitemap of your website in order to help the search engine know the different URLs and the content within.
  5. Mobile SEO and Technical SEO
  6. Analysis and reporting

The thing that you must understand is that SEO is simply a way that helps search engines bridge you and your customers. The better you are at, the better for your business.

2 – Keyword research is the key!

Keywords are like the currency of the internet. Or consider them like the language. The main idea is to match the user query with the best result possible. User Query is the keywords that users type on search engines. For example, when someone types ‘SEO services’ on Google, Google takes it as a query.

It then tries to look for websites that contain these keywords. This is simple. No? Well, it is not this simple. Millions of websites use the keywords ‘SEO services’ to target their potential customers. This is why search engines use hundreds of ranking factors to rank the website based on their quality, excellence, and expertise.

You’d want to know what your targeted customer base could be searching for on the internet. To do this, you either might want to use some great paid tools available like Moz, Ahrefs, etc. or hire SEO services, PerfectLinkBuilding Australia recommended.

Know that you’d not want to go wrong at this stage. Because choosing the wrong keywords can spoil all further efforts by attracting the wrong customer base.

3 – Excelling at the technical part!

Technical SEO works around the technical parts. It is taking care of technical things in order to ensure that the content is being crawled, read, and understood in a way it should be. Here are few areas that concern technical SEO

  1. SiteMap
  2. Analytics and adjustments
  3. Mobile SEO
  4. Checking HTTP error codes and making the required changes.
  5. Metadata, anchor text, description, snippets, schemas, etc.
  6. Looking for penalties and other warnings.

It should be excelled at in order to ensure that your efforts get paid.


These are a few basic things that every startup must work at while working for SEO and digital growth.

  • Knowing what SEO is.
  • Knowing what keywords the targeted customers are using while searching – keyword research.
  • And taking care of technical aspects in order to ensure that the work being done is getting done the right way.

You either may hire a person as an in-house SEO person or look for SEO services, PerfectLinkBuilding Australia said. It is a requirement that the modern businesses have in order to sprout, and grow, and bloom gracefully. Know More about PerfectLinkBuilding Australia if you are looking for an expert to help you out in your digital journey. Get consulted for free and know the areas you need to work on.

Modern problems require modern solutions, and hiring experts is one such thing. If you won’t do it, the competitors will and get ranked on the SERP.

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