Common Causes Of Blocked Shower Drain And Need For Proper Treatment


A day can’t be any worse if you have a plumbing issue in your home. Your entire day goes on solving the problem; all other plans for the day get ruined, if it’s a serious and big issue. Out of many plumbing problems, blocked shower drain is a common one that homeowners often face.

There could be many reasons behind your shower drain getting blocked. You may have a slow water flow out of the drain or pipe. But, if you are continuously getting it and ignoring it, it will surely become worse and you will end up having a complete blockage with no water pass. And the consequences can be many.

So, know what problems you can face from a blocked shower drain or why you need immediate troubleshooting. Besides, you must also understand that you need to hire only the professional plumbers for this job.

Reasons You May Get A Blocked Shower Drain:

  1. Clogging By Fallen Hair Strands: You can’t avoid hair fall during a shower as it is very natural for all the human beings. But, due to this, the shower drain can get clogged after some days.
  2. Plastic Clogging: Plastics, it might be a product cover or anything, if you drop wrongfully in your bathroom, it will not get out of the water flow and trapped anywhere in the pipeline.
  3. Blockage From Waste Materials: Any waste material such as small soap pieces, paper napkin or anything, can also get clogged in the drain and cause a blocked shower drain
  4. Broken Pieces Of The Tap Or Pipe: If the shower outlet pipe is broken, the broken part can be trapped in the middle of the pipe and stop the water to flow out properly.
  5. Faulty Pipe Installation: For the water to flow in a consistent way out of your bathroom, the pipe must be installed in a tilted manner. If it is now installed properly, the water can’t flow out of the bathroom.
  6. Blockage In Sewer Drain: Sometimes, the blockage can also be in the sewer drain and that’s why the water from your bathroom can’t pass out.

Why You Need Immediate Treatment Of Blocked Shower Drain Issues?

  1. Get Consistent Outflow Of Water: When the outer pipeline from your bathroom is free from any blockage, you get a consistent outflow of water despite of any amount of water you need to pour.
  2. Saves You From Bigger Plumbing Problems: Negligence of a minute issue can lead to bigger problems. When you take an immediate plumbing service after you have noticed a blocked shower drain issue in your bathroom, you save yourself from such serious issues.
  3. Save Money From Expensive Repair And Changes: Sometimes the problems can become so worse that you might need to change the whole drainage system specially when it is a broken pipe and that would be expensive. An immediate troubleshooting of plumbing issue can save you a lot of money.
  4. Maintain Hygiene In Your Bathroom: If the waste water of the shower place gets trapped for long time, bacteria growth is inevitable that can cause various health issues to you and your family members. Therefore, an immediate plumbing service is necessary.
  5. No Annoying Sound And Bad Odor: Sometimes a blocked shower drain can cause annoying gurgling sound due to improper water flow. Also, the accumulated wastewater will create bad odor. A plumbing service can get you out of these issues.

Why You Need Professional Plumbers For This Service?

  1. Trained And Experienced Service Providers: Professional plumbers Adelaide are properly trained and experienced for long years. Therefore, you can rely on their services that could be long lasting.
  2. Proper Set Of Equipments: They are well-equipped. They know what type of equipment is required for your drainage issue and how to use them. So, there is no chance for any error.
  3. Available In An Urgency: A blocked shower drain issue needs immediate treatment as it is really a disaster for a household and you may also have other important works and have no time for any DIY solution. But the professional plumbers are always there to provide you immediate service.
  4. Provide After-Repair Cleaning And Sanitization Service: These professionals not only repair your shower drainage system but also give an after-repair cleaning and sanitization service which is very important to keep your bathroom hygiene and prevent your family from any diseases.


So, these are the reasons you must avail a plumbing service immediately after you discover a blocked shower drain issue. However, don’t forget to call just a professional plumber to get the best service.


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