Best Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in 2022


In the beginning, when vacuum cleaners were a new invention, they were cumbersome to use. More than a hundred years later, today’s vacuum cleaner is more compact, lighter, and easier to use. People are always drawn to lightweight gadgets and the vacuum cleaner is no exception.

Because different models have different weights, one of the consumer’s considerations when purchasing a cleaning machine is how light or heavy it is. Weight determines the portability and usability of a cleaning machine. It also determines how tired you are at the end of your cleaning work, which is why lighter is better.

We assume that you do not want a vacuum cleaner that you have to carry around when cleaning. Or one that forces you to put in a lot of effort to carry it upstairs. This is why you are looking for a lightweight unit. The modern vacuum cleaner is available in a wide range of weights and you can choose the machine that suits your preference.

Best lightweight vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. The most common is cordless handhelds which are the lightest vacuum cleaner. Weighing in at less than 1 kg, handhelds offer amazing portability and easy operation. They are small in size and fit in almost any space.

Due to their portability, you can use the mini handheld vacuum cleaner everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. The vacuum cleaners are designed for light but deep cleaning tasks that require little suction power. You usually buy them as cleansing gadgets; to complement the larger vacuum cleaners that perform heavy-duty tasks.

Rhino vacuum cleaners also fall into the category of lightweight vacuum cleaners. Weighing about 0.6 kg, they are easy to use, also because they require little effort to maneuver. They are portable excellent suction power and have a large number of functions that increase the cleaning capacity.

Vacuum cleaners such as Rhino-Luxe are both powerful and versatile. That’s why they are most suitable for cleaning higher areas, such as the stairs. You can also use this type of vacuum cleaner to clean upholstery, car, desks, and various other surfaces. It looks smart, lightweight, and easy to handle and use.

Reasons to buy a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner

A lightweight vacuum cleaner used to mean fewer functions and lower suction power. However, advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to pack much greater suction into smaller devices than before. Thanks to Rhino’s efficient airflow and a compact yet powerful motor, it is now possible to buy a lightweight vacuum cleaner that delivers excellent cleaning power. The benefits of purchasing a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner are many and include the following.

●    Easy to use

A heavy vacuum cleaner is sometimes difficult to use. Pushing or pulling takes some effort, especially with carpets. Lifting a heavy vacuum cleaner up the stairs can be an annoying experience that consumes a lot of energy. The heavyweight can ensure that the vacuum cleaner is not used much. Younger members of your family may find it cumbersome and avoid cleaning jobs.

It is also not advisable to use a heavy vacuum cleaner if you have a health problem such as back pain. The complication can worsen and make cleaning tasks more difficult for you, even the light ones. However, anyone can use a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner. It does not cause fatigue and you can use it for a long time.

Good for quick cleaning tasks

These vacuum cleaners are handy gadgets for quick cleaning. They can be easily grabbed and taken with just as much ease to clean up the mess. It makes them worthwhile as you can get the job done quickly. Another advantage of the portability of lightweight mini handheld vacuum cleaners is that you can use them anywhere in your home. You can clean the living room downstairs one minute and vacuum a room upstairs the next.

Easy Storage

Because heavy machines are usually large, it is sometimes difficult to store a heavy vacuum cleaner. But that is only the case if your house is not too big and you have a lack of space. It is always nice to be able to store your vacuum cleaner out of sight. Most lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners fit into small storage spaces, and you can often even keep them in a closet. Some come with wall brackets, which makes storing them even easier, especially if you live in an apartment or studio.

Final words

Cordless handheld vacuum cleaners such as Rhino- Luxe, Rhino-Forte, Rhino- Podmini have an enormous amount of power in the form of a portable device. Even they are not much inexpensive. For more information regarding handheld vacuum cleaners, you can contact us freely.


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