8 Amazing Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home Decor


Tired of looking at the same old decor? Freshen it up.

As homeowners, you’re always looking to make your homes more attractive, functional, and more valuable with bamboo mattress. We’re here to help you.

Updating your homes with the latest styles and technologies doesn’t just make your dwelling attractive. It adds value and functionality to your space.

To transform your living space, you need to revamp all the outdated residential structures to make them more aesthetically appealing and functional.

Fortunately, you can implement quite a few interior and outdoor updates with less expense that can make a significant difference in your dwelling.

Introduce indoor plants to create a positive aura, update your window treatments for saving energy, install Ziptrak outdoor blinds to utilise your outdoor spaces, plan more storage spaces to improve functionality.

You can introduce so many changes to freshen up your home decor. In this write-up, we’ll share 8 amazing ways to improve your home decor that can give your living space a magnificent makeover.

8 Amazing Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home Decor

Choose Your Colour Palette Wisely

There’s no instant route to rediscover the lost magic in your homes other than adding a new colour palette. When you’re renovating your interiors, choose a colour palette that is different from your older one.

Colours are not just mere elements to enhance the lighting. It reflects your personality, and most importantly, colours affect your moods and emotions. Therefore you need to be cautious while choosing the colours.

Different colour combinations enhance the different vibes that match your personality. The painting will give your living space a sophisticated transformation. Use 3-5 shades across any room. For a harmonious appeal, introduce two colours and one neutral shade in the ratio of 60:30:10.

If you love a warm look, soft pastels such a lilac, peach pink, mint green can add a calming touch. For a dramatic finish, vibrant red, tangerine hues, bright yellows, and teal blue make great choices.

Add Cosy Lighting to Create a Focal Point

Lightings are an equally important component of both interior and exterior space. Ensure to install the right window treatments to allow natural light entry during the day. Circulation of natural light is not just healthy, but it also reduces your energy consumption.

Hanging beautiful pendant lights can brighten up any decor style. For softer and ambient lighting, introduce floor lamps or table lamps.

And don’t forget the porch. The outdoor areas are exposed to harsh sunlight that can damage any decor you install outside. Invest in outdoor patio blinds to protect your porch and alfresco area.

Introduce some furniture to turn your porch into a warm and cozy space. How? We’ve covered it in the next pointer.

Don’t Ignore Your Outdoor Space.

If you’re blessed with a spacious porch and outdoor area, don’t ignore it. Creating an outdoor area free from direct sunlight, insects is an innovative way to increase the value of your space. Ziptrak outdoor blinds get the job done right.

Host a barbeque party, Christmas get together, and Thanksgiving dinner or simply spent some leisure time under the sky amidst nature.

Invest in quality Ziptrak blinds Melbourne to create a windproof and rainproof shelter. Don’t worry. You don’t need to compromise on style. You can compose any decor with outdoor patio blinds – traditional, contemporary, coastal, nature-inspired, and industrial or any other exquisite setting.

With the versatility in style and enhanced functionality Ziptrak blinds Melbourne has now become every Australian home-owners favourite. Think about some comfy seating options. If your outdoor area has some pre-existing features, highlight them.

Have a shady corner? Transform it into a reading space. Have an old water feature? Bring it back to light. Throw in some light fixtures and enjoy your outdoor space.

The best part? You can even order customised outdoor blinds online, tailored to your outdoor space and your style requirements.

Don’t Forget the Doors

Will you feel comfortable entering a house with an old and worn-out door? Not exactly. The entrance of your home needs to be welcoming. It creates the first impression of your style and personality.

Pay extra attention to keep your entrance door in good condition. Paint your doors occasionally. You can go for the classic neutral or timber finish or experiment with the pop colours.

Accessories with a few accent pieces, add some greenery for a pleasant appearance. For the main entrance, hang a nameplate or a welcome message.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment with Shapes

Right shapes can enhance your interior spaces. You don’t need to stick to conventional shapes for your furniture and other decor elements. Customise them to suit your space. You’ll not only utilise your space but flaunt your own personalised sophistication. L-shaped couch, curved counter-tops, contoured storage spaces impart a stylish retreat to your home.

Rearrange and Restore Your Old Furniture

Renovating your home doesn’t mean you have to throw away the old furniture. The quickest and easiest way to remodel your home is by rearranging your furniture.

You’ll be amazed to see how simple re-arrangements can drastically freshen up your interior. Try a different furniture layout in one room: swap side tables and side chairs between the rooms.

Remember to make optimum utilisation of space while rearranging your furniture. For a refreshing look, splash a new coat of paint, or create some intricate designs on your furniture. You put in as much creativity you want.

Rethink Your Storage Spaces

Having ample storage space is the key to maintain a clean and sophisticated look. One of the most utilised areas in the home is the kitchen. Using DIY kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to increase storage and utilise unused raw materials.

If you’ve ample storage cabinets, re-paint them for a fresh new appeal. You can even add racks and shelves above the counter.

If you’ve unused space under your staircase, it’s time to make it useful. Design your personalised wine rack, add some shelves to create a book-display unit or transform it into a cosy reading corner.

Play With The Accessories

Last but not least, ramp up your interior with accessories. Add statement art pieces, indoor plants, rugs, cushions, paintings, wall hangings, candles, or even sculptures to add the finishing touch to your home renovation. Stunning rugs adds definition to space. Plants infuse an element of nature inside your home while painting and artworks reflect your style. Use our guide to design your dream home decor.

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