Try these 3 Bathroom Renovations for a Luxurious Bathing Experience! 


Redoing your bathroom is no small task. It requires a lot of planning, budgeting, and researching. While all these tasks seem like lengthy jobs, they can be done hassle-free.

The first step is planning. Make two lists, one that consists of things you dislike about your current bathroom and needs to be changed and the second with additions and wishlists for your luxury. After going through the lists, get your budget sorted and decide your spending capacity. Then depending on your budget, you can plan your bathroom renovation.

While additions and renovations will depend on your budget and your need, these three essential renovation tips will surely change the look and feel of your bathroom without breaking your bank balance.

Increase the Storage 

The best way to make your bathroom look wider and more luxurious is by decluttering it. Increase your storage by incorporating a recessed cabinet, shower caddy, aesthetic dressing table with a mirror, and other organisers. Remember one thing, small bathrooms with bulky storage don’t go well together. If your current storage is cramping the space, replace it with something small, light, and functional. If you use plenty of hair accessories and make-up, create a designated area to place them effectively. Do not place your hairdryer or other heating equipment near the bathtub.

Pick Stylish Fixtures & Fittings 

To create a bathroom that looks fantastic and performs well, replace the old boring bathroom fittings with something new and fancy. From multi-function showerheads to sleek metallic toilet holders, the market is filled with all things fancy and luxurious. Your bathroom fittings like tapware, shower panel, and lighting need to go with the overall interior aesthetics of your home. If you have a modern and industrial-style home, go for metallic black and bronze fixtures. Whereas for more country and colonial-style homes, silver and white fittings and fixtures will go well.

Create a Lavish Bath Corner

Who doesn’t like an enormous bathtub or a lavish jacuzzi in their bathroom? However, depending on your budget and space, you’ll be able to pick them. Sometimes, especially for a more modern bathroom interior, showers are preferred over a tub. There is nothing more luxurious than a wide showerhead letting warm water droplets wash away the day’s stress. If you’re an environmentally friendly individual, you can go for water-saving rain heads that are both indulgent and classy.

A bathroom renovation doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. If your budget allows for you to go all out – go for it! But if not, hopefully, these three tips will help you create the bathroom of your dream.

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