Why is it Essential to Take Your Car for Servicing?


How often you service your car? You have invested thousands of dollars in your vehicle, but rarely care to maintain your vehicle properly. However, having it serviced regularly can save
it from a minor repair job and serious, expensive faults down the road. Besides, having the
oils and filters changed at regular intervals prevents any dirt or dust from getting into the
engine’s oily bits. And will also prolong the engine’s longevity, ultimately increasing the
vehicle’s overall life span. In the same way, the service schedule of your vehicle depends on
the manufacturer, along with the mileage and age. In a nutshell, it can be a false economy to
avoid regular servicing of your vehicle. Further, check here why servicing is essential.

Extend the life of the vehicle

With a regular maintenance schedule, you can keep several problems at a bay. It can help you
prevent costly repairs of the cooling and transmission system, drivetrain, and other related
components. Besides, preventive care measures minimize the wear and tear of the engine and
other elements. Thus, broadening the life of the vehicle.


Often car breakdown at night can be a dangerous situation. You can never predict what may
happen, especially when you are stranded on a quiet road. Thus, regular maintenance reduces
the probability of breakdown issues and your vehicle be in great condition to support your

Reduced repair cost

Regular car maintenance helps you save money and also protects the engine and other
components. But when you neglect to service it leads to minor problems and can become
major with continued neglect of vehicle maintenance. Likewise, it allows you to check
whether there are any signs of minor problems like leaks, cracks, or any excessive wear and
tear due to friction. Thus, if you pay attention to these things and perform regular repairs –
the specific part can be saved and will not need a replacement for a long time. In short,
vehicle maintenance extends the longevity of the engine and other components. Overall
reducing the cost for the owner.

Maintains the warranty

Perhaps the most important of all is that it protects the manufacturer’s warranty on a new
vehicle. This can be done by having the services done on or before the correct intervals.
Moreover, servicing outside the Manufacturer’s guidelines can invalidate the warranty.
Possibly leaving you to pick up the repair bills if something goes wrong.

Reduces pollution

Many times, your vehicle can have a tremendous impact on the environment. An improperly
serviced vehicle can harm the environment through the emission of noxious gases. Resulting
in major health hazards like pollution, contaminated waterways, acid rain and much more.
Increases resale value

Above all, keeping your vehicle in the best possible way is vital if you decide to sell. The
most valuable aspect a buyer looks for in a vehicle is its condition and performance. Thus, a
well-maintained vehicle can sell faster, that too for a higher price.

A vehicle might cost you a few hundred dollars while replacements can cost thousands or
more. So, take the time and have your car serviced regularly.

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