Use Small Pilates Balls And Enjoy The Benefits


If you want to improve your upper body and abdominal region and increase lower back strength and flexibility, then nothing can be best than doing exercises. However, you can get the best results doing exercises with small pilates balls. Use these balls to stretch your body and become as healthy and hale as possible. These little balls can be used for rehab exercises at home if you have back problems in addition to improving your overall physical fitness. There are many types of small pilates balls, and it is time to know about them so that you can use the best balls for your need and enhance your fitness.

Types Of Small Balls

There are many sizes of small pilates balls, and you should use a proper ball for some set of exercises.

  • The Mini Balls: If you want to strengthen your shoulder or want to go for core therapy, these balls are indeed helpful. You can do abdominal workouts, improve your pilates or strengthen your shoulders working with these balls. Anyone can use it as a rehabilitation and fitness tool at home. They are typically made of soft, burst-resistant PVC materials that retain their flexibility for a long time so that you can perform routine exercises without worrying. Many brands of these balls are available in the market, and some are even with inflation tubes for inflating the ball before starting the workout. You do not need a pump to inflate these balls as they can take perfect shape by beating through the inflation tube and passing the air inside the ball to inflate.
  • The Over Ball: If you are looking for a ball having size like a netball, then use the over ball for your exercises. You can fully or partially inflate the ball for your specific purposes for doing the workouts. These balls are ideal for targeted achievement in any area of the body as well as for strengthening your shoulders and muscles. For example, if you are trying to improve your lumbar region, place the ball under the sacrum and do the exercise. Again, these small pilates balls are perfect for the lower abdominal region. If you want to do extension movements for the shoulder, then fully inflate the ball and do the workouts.
  • Massage Balls: If you want to release the tension in the body, then the small massage balls are perfect for the same. Now, relax your muscles after workouts using these balls and get rid of the exertions. Use it in tension areas, particularly in the glute region, feet and shoulders. The massage balls are ideal to use following a challenging workout.

The Benefits Of Using Small Pilates Balls

Heidi from Seastar Studio in Rye had this to say, “Small pilates balls are particularly great for adding variety to your pilates routine. They can also help you improve muscle activation, enhance core stability, increase flexibility, improve posture, and add variety to your workouts.”

There are multiple benefits of using pilates balls.

  • Squeeze it between the knees while doing a footwork workout and strengthen the inner thighs, which will strengthen the pelvic floor. You can even use the balls for correct alignment of the legs and thus prevent the legs roll inwards or prevent the knees.
  • Using the ball behind the sacrum helps the femur arc and increases the activity of the lower abdomen.
  • Again, the deflated ball can relax the neck region when used there, and you can feel the tension releasing from the neck area.
  • If you want to massage a large area of your body, it is best to use the massage balls and release the tightness of the muscles that are caused due to knotting.
  • The massage balls are perfect to use under the feet so that the nerve ends get energized and release tension. This type of small pilates ball can be used with other workout tools to get much-enhanced results.


By using small pilates balls, you can have a good workout session. Now better your various joint and body ailments by exercising with these balls. They can be used safely and easily at home or in the gym. Use the top Pilates ball on the market to maintain your fitness. Now float like a butterfly and sting like a bee after workout sessions with these balls.

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