Understand How Adult Diapers Differ from Each other


Most people might be thinking about the difference between various adult diapers. While some might be able to afford diapers, some others would have to think of a way to get some to help themselves. The best thing they could do is to reach out to NDIS Australia for some incontinence diapers that could help in tackling the issue. Most people check out various websites. Once you find the ideal product, all you have to do is to click on the order now button.

Read on to find out more about adult incontinence diapers.

  • Briefs: It would have tabs on the side. There are different choices of pull-ups that could be used like normal underwear. They have cloth-like backing or plastic backing and are refasten able or non- refastenable. Such briefs could be used overnight. They are really useful if the user has big thighs or small thighs. They could easily catch fastening around the legs to fit snug where the pull-on would be a little looser.
  • Briefs with cloth-like backing: It makes less noise than briefs and it has a plastic backing. Cloth-like backing would mean that it would be quieter and more discreet.
  • Briefs with plastic backing:

More briefs belong to this category. They make more noise when used. Some people prefer this product over others.

  • Briefs with refastenable tabs: As the name mentions, they have tabs that could be removed easily and refastened again. Many high-quality briefs have that characteristic.
  • Briefs with non-refastenable tabs: It could be fastened only once and works great for some people. They are usually affordable.
  • Briefs for Overnight: They are designed specially to be worn at night and are absorbent briefs. Most people avoid wearing overnight briefs for the day but if incontinence becomes heavy, they can wear it for added absorbency. Overnight briefs are bulkier in size.
  • Briefs for everyday use: Some briefs would be labelled light, moderate or heavy and are made for daily use. The products could be less bulky and absorbent and are made to be worn during the day.
  • Bariatric Briefs: They are used for plus-sized people and come in a lot of large sizes and brands. Some of the briefs go up to various large waist sizes.
  • Pull-ups: Standard pull-ups differ form of briefs. They can be pulled on like underwear and lack tabs. It could be more ideal for taking on and off while visiting the bathroom and for people with conditions like dementia. Many people prefer this incontinence product.
  • Pull-ups with Refastenable Tabs: A new type of product called pull-ups with tabs on the side is available.  You could make use of the tabs if needed.
  • Reusable Adult Diapers: Such products come in various types and are made to be washed and dried just like regular underwear. There are light incontinence products like men’s underwear with a pad inside and there are different levels of absorbency up to the products that would be used for overnight incontinence. Reusable products can be more expensive but is a long-term solution. People might realise this and rather than spending on disposable products they would prefer to use reusable products.
  • Faecal Incontinence Products: Such products help you tackle faecal incontinence along with urinary incontinence.
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