Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Transplant


Hair can start to grow from any part of the human body. Hair grows out of the hair follicles and they can be as densely packed as 100 follicles per cm2.  Hair follicles can stop growing on the head for men in particular. This is where hair transplanting comes into action. Hair transplanting works by relocating active hair follicles from areas of the body. Over-the-counter hair restoration products hair transplants are found to be more successful but it doesn’t work for everyone. Hair transplant is mainly used to restore hair if you lost hair due to an injury or if you are balding or thinning naturally. Here are some of the common questions that come in everyone’s mind when you go for hair transplanting.

What is the success rate of hair transplantation?

It is observed that the overall success rate of hair transplantation is around 90-95%. Hair Experts ensures that their success rate never falls below 90% according to the statistics obtained from thousands of operations.

Who performs the hair transplant operation?

Hair transplantation can only be done under the supervision of a hair expert or doctor. Since hair transplantation is a long treatment that has more than one phase such as anesthesia, implantation preparation, channel opening, etc., the doctor constantly monitors the hair transplant technicians and participates in the operation if needed.

Can it be guaranteed that the implanted hair will grow or not fall out for life?

The result of hair transplantation is not only dependent on the success of the treatment but the patient’s compliance to the doctor’s instruction and the reaction of patient’s body after implantation can directly affects the results.

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Does hair transplantation look natural?

A natural view occurs after a successful operation since the hair transplant techniques are an implementation made with the use of one’s own hair follicles. However, unnatural results may also occur due to the technique of implementation, planning, and lack of experience in the techniques. For a natural look, all the processes are important such as designing the hair front line properly and selecting the right method according to the frequency requirement, etc.

Where is hair transplantation performed and will there be scars after hair transplantation?

Hair transplanting should be performed in authorized institutions where patient’s safety is guaranteed. Places that do not work with the license of the Ministry of Health do not have the necessary medical standards and certifications to operate illegally. Implementing hair transplantation from these places may cause serious health hazards. Therefore, make sure you know about the standards of the facility, its competence in sterilization, and whether it has the authorization certification issued by the health ministry, etc. before you have hair transplantation. The good news about hair transplantation is that no scarring occurs since the latest techniques are used by hair experts throughout the transplantation process.

Final Verdict

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia and so it is done painlessly. Hair Expert improves patient comfort by performing needle-free anesthesia prior to local anesthesia for a painless local anesthesia procedure.

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