Top 10 Instagram Marketing Tips To Grow Your Brand in 2021


Every business or marketer who wants to increase their Instagram online presence will need professional Instagram marketing advice. Otherwise, the competition is too high, and there is a shortage of marketers to drive the customers towards products & services.

Instagram is one of the most using popular social media platforms among all in 2021. And that is why it has emerged as a trending social media marketing platform as well.

Brands and marketers cannot neglect the importance of Instagram as a marketing platform and are now embracing Instagram marketing. Below are some amazing tips to grow your brand on Instagram platform.

10 Tips To grow your Brand with Instgaram

Instagram Bio

Instagram Bio is a small section on your username page to upload information regarding your brand, services, and content. It usually contains brand, product, description of the service, profile details, and contact information. Instagram also allows you to share your website or URL of your BIO or portfolio website.

Your Instagram Biography is the first thing user gets attention over it. Build a bio profile that attracts users.

Content Calendar for Instagram

Consistency to publish content is a step toward making the most of Instagram as a channel. Creating a content calendar helps marketers stick to their posting schedule. It allows you to plan ahead of time and automation to post content during high peak times for their target audience.

The main fields of your Instagram content calendar include content type, caption, hashtags, graphic or video link, and publication day, date, and time. To allow for changes in your calendar, plan your content before at least two weeks ahead of time.

Relevant Hashtags

On Instagram, the hashtag game is fierce. Instagram’s ‘Discover’ tab allows you to search for content based on a hashtag search query. Users can also follow these hashtags in the same way that they follow Instagram profiles, and content published with these hashtags will appear in followers’ feeds. Hashtags are used by Instagram algorithms to make content suggestions for users and help them to discover profiles based on their interests.

IGTV Video

Instagram’s IGTV is a video platform that also serves as a feature within the Instagram app. Users on IGTV can share videos with time limits ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

IGTV is an excellent platform for brands to host video content that is longer than the limits set by Instagram. Brands are utilizing the features of IGTV in a variety of ways, which you can use as inspiration for your strategy.

Instagram Influencers on Board

Instagram influencers are users who got the platform by sharing relevant content that resonates with their target audience. They can persuade their target audiences to support an idea, product, or brand in their niche. Instagram influencer marketing is highly engaging marketing that brands are increasingly utilizing to target groups for their ideal audience.

Brands are increasingly investing in Instagram Influencer campaigns by claiming Instagram importance and impactful social media channel for influencer marketing.

Instagram Ads

With active business profiles on Instagram, organic engagement has become even more competitive. Use paid advertising on Instagram to increase followers, engagement, lead generation, and conversions.

Instagram Ads, like any other Advertising Agency in Bangalore, provides advertising solutions for targeted ad campaigns. It allows you to choose your audience based on their likes, interests, purchasing habits, and interactions. Story ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and collection ads are all ad formats available.

Go Live on Instagram

Instagram Live feature on Instagram profile allows users to live stream their videos to promote an event or interact with their audience in real-time. It helps your audience to interact with comments and emoji-based reactions during the live broadcast to followers.

You can also share a behind-the-scenes look at your company, event, or daily life. If you want to try Q&A sessions with your live follower’s audience, you can do that too.

Respond to DMs and Comments

Make an interactive audience to encourage participants and to communicate with your followers. Direct messages (DMs) are the most effective way for prospects and users to contact you.

Check that your DMs are turned on to receive notifications from all users. Respond to all messages as you can also get leads from them. You can also set up custom responses in your profile to automate replies to your followers. 

Experiment with Curated Content

Audience love more creative and trendy content ideas. The best way to keep your creative work flowing is to use curated content from relevant profiles. Marketers have used content curation to avoid repetition. You’ve to handpick relevant content ideas that you believe will bring more engagement from your followers.

Instagram is a trendy social media for marketers and businesses to reach out to their target audiences.  It’s a platform where you can show your brand’s personality and encourage users to like, comment, share, and interact with it.

Stay ahead of your competition on the Instagram platform, and must ensure maximum engagement. Implementing each of these ten tips will boost up your account engagement.

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