Top 10 Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Advantages


If you’re a proud owner of a home with a swimming pool, you may be aware that every Aussie swimming pool is bound by law to have fencing around it to avert unattended access by children. Pool fencing is meant to keep our children safe, which does not mean it has to look dull. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of a pool fence made using frameless glass, which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool area and boost the overall value of your home.

Here are the top ten advantages of frameless glass pool fencing:

1. It’s Robust

Frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney is fabricated using 12mm thick tempered glass (gates 8mm/12mm) and heated to over 700 degrees Celsius during manufacturing. Thus, it is robust, and even if it is dropped on concrete, it won’t break. So, you can remain worry-free about it being damaged by unkind weather, temperature fluctuations or children.

2. It’s Immune to Pool Chemicals

Metal pool fencing can rust over time due to chlorine use in the pool water. Frameless glass pool fencing is resistant to chlorinated pool chemicals; thus, it is the perfect choice for installing around the swimming pools.

3. Excellent Barrier to Block the Winds

Frameless glass fencing obstructs the wind while allowing the sunlight to pass through. Thus, you can enjoy your pool for an extended duration in the year, into the cooler months.

4. Climbing Over Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Is Extremely Difficult

Traditional pool fencing can come with footholds that young children can use to climb to cheer themselves up. However, the frameless glass pool fencing design is flat and has a thick barrier, making it difficult for even the most determined young climber.

5. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Helps to Monitor Your Kids

As a frameless glass pool, fencing provides a clear view of the pool area, making monitoring the kids easier. You can see what your kids are up to from your lounge on the deck or through the window.

6. Compliant

Purchase through a reputed supplier to get frameless glass pool fencing compliant with Australian safety standards for pool fencing.

7. It Helps You To Enjoy Your Whole Backyard

Frameless glass pool fencing is practically invisible, so it lets you enjoy the other features of your backyard – for instance, landscaping and gardens, while you’re enjoying swimming or relaxing by the poolside.

8. Elegant Looks

Frameless glass pool fencing provides sleek lines, which gives your outdoor space a refined, contemporary and elegant look. It will boost the overall visual appeal of your outdoor entertainment area and up your home’s market value.

9. It Makes Your Backyard Look Bigger

Frameless glass pool fencing reflects light in the nearby area, making your outdoor entertainment area look larger. It is beneficial, especially when you’re entertaining many guests.

10. A Prudent Investment

Cost-wise, frameless glass pool fencing is pricey compared to semi-frameless or traditional metal pool fencing; however, its cost will soon pay for itself. Frameless glass pool fencing will last long and won’t rust with time, nor will it need repainting like traditional metal pool fencing. So, you won’t require paying ongoing repairs and replacement costs. Frameless glass pool fencing will only need a hose-down and cleaning with detergent occasionally.

Wrapping Up: Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Is A Serious Contender

Suppose you’re planning to upgrade your existing pool fencing or want to install a new swimming pool. In that case, frameless glass fencing is a serious contender as it provides safety, robustness, durability, clear looks and visual appeal.

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