Tips From Professional Plumbers For An Efficient Plumbing System


Plumbing fixtures similar to all hardware and electrical fittings inside a house are subject to normal wear and tear due to which you may have to replace them over a course of time. While minor repairs and fixture replacements are unavoidable, taking proper and timely care of your plumbing fixtures may ensure that they last longer and deliver better over a prolonged period.

A basic knowledge of how the plumbing system installed within your house works and its key components that need timely maintenance, will go a long way in ensuring your peace of mind and monetary savings. You can also seek the services of professional plumbers to guide you on how to get the best from your existing plumbing system and ensure they work smoothly and efficiently.

Some Of The Best Practices You Can Follow, As Per Professional Plumbers Are Given Below.

Make Sure You Use A Strainer, Always

Clogged drains are one of the most common problems that plumbers experience on their house calls. A clogged drain can lead to inconvenience to the whole family and even damage your entire plumbing network causing huge repairs, if not attended immediately. Soap, hair, vegetable peels, and food leftovers are some of the common things that end up clogging kitchen and bathroom drains. Clogging also leads to a foul smell emanating from the drain and is also a major health risk due to the growth of bacteria and virus.

Clogging problems can easily be avoided by using a good quality strainer at all the drainage points, and by cleaning them periodically to ensure unrestricted flow of water. Having a fixed cleaning schedule for the strainers will help you keep them in good shape and condition so that you don’t need to change them repeatedly.

Ensure Your Pipes Don’t Freeze During Winter

Freezing pipes may not only cause water to stop flowing smoothly to the different points in your house but may also cause some of the pipes to crack, in case the temperature dips too low. While the cracks may not be noticeable in the frozen state, but they will lead to water leaking from them eventually, disrupting your water supply and causing huge inconvenience.

Professional plumbers always advise to get your exterior pipes insulated against extreme temperatures to avoid such scenarios. Keeping your house warm, well ventilated, and maintaining a temperature of at least 16 degrees is advisable to avoid the pipes from freezing.

Make sure you check all your pipes before the onset of winter and replace any damaged or worn-out plumbing fixtures, to avoid water supply disruptions.

Have Separate Shut Off Valves For Different Areas

While this may sound inconvenient and troublesome, it is beneficial in the long run especially when there is a leakage in certain areas and you need to cut off the water supply only to that area. For instance, you notice a leakage in one of the bathrooms. Would you want to shut down the water supply to the whole house or for the area that’s affected? This is where separate shut-off valves come into the picture. Also ensure that the shut-off valves could be controlled from an easily accessible point that is centrally located.

A Well-Maintained Plumbing System Will Work For Years

Given the huge costs involved in installing and replacing plumbing systems, it makes sense to ensure they are well maintained so that they continue to work efficiently for years to come. Apart from the costs involved, the inconvenience caused due to water leakage or disruptions in the water supply will lead to problems for your family and disrupt the normal life.

Spending a few hours with professional plumbers to understand your plumbing system is one of the best solutions and will go a long way in helping you maintain efficient and smooth plumbing within your house.

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