Things You Need To Join The Automotive Industry In Australia?


Are you an automobile enthusiast? If you are into designing and manufacturing automobiles, then Australia is a land of opportunities for you.

  • With the automotive niche on rise, 3% growth is expected every year.
  • This industry along with manufacturing and selling automobiles designs and develops heavy-weighted motor vehicles like trucks, lorries and vehicles with mega wheels.
  • If you are curious to know about the insights of this industry and wish to secure a reputable position in your dream automobile company, then it is recommended to take mechanical courses in Australia.
  • The course not only covers the technical side but trains students about business and marketing skills as well.

This article briefs you on the requirements of automotive courses which can enhance and sharpen you to work after your dream car.

What does the role of a Motor mechanic look like?  

Automotive mechanics are multi-skilled and perform all the tasks of designing, repairing, and upgrading. All of this is taught in an automotive mechanic course. The duties automotive mechanics undertake are fixing mechanical parts, routine servicing, steering brakes, maintenance on transmissions, monitoring petrol engines and many more.

The tasks include

  • Repairing or replacing damaged and defective parts
  • Dismantling or removing engine assemblies, steering mechanisms, transmissions and other components that need fixing.
  • Re-assembling new mechanical equipment for smooth running of automobiles.
  • Undertaking operations such as maintenance service, lubrication, oil changes, engine tune-ups and many more that require timely maintenance.

What automotive courses can you study in Australia? 

To work as a professional in the automotive industry in Australia there are some necessary requirements you need to meet. There are several different engineering courses to learn in Australia.

  • In this cut-throat competitive era where a number of automobile manufacturing companies like Ford, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai and Toyota have upgraded their way of working, you need to outstand them.
  • The innovation of Tesla has left these companies inferior by producing bespoke electric car models that have eased human effort.
  • The number of drivers and cars in the country is also increasing rapidly. Earlier what used to be one car per family has now turned to one car per individual?
  • In order to maintain the smooth functioning and not lose this pace, there are various mechanic courses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and many other cities of Australia.
  • The courses that hold the most popularity are MLTSSL which are sub-categorized into Automotive Electricians and Motor Mechanic General.
  • These courses can acknowledge you with skills like automotive electrical, automotive panel beating, heavy and lightweight machinery.

How to get a work visa in Australia? 

  • Mechanics, heavy diesel mechanics, panel beaters and auto electricians are on the immigration and border protection from Medium to Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MTSSL)
  • This indicates your eligibility for your position in the automotive industry. If you have this, you can apply for PWV (Permanent Work Visas) The visa types vary. For Skilled independent its Subclass 189, State Nominated (Subclass 190) and for regionally nominated (Subclass 491 visas)
  • If you are a graduate or an undergraduate you can also apply for temporary study or work visas if you wish to pursue these courses in Australia. Other than skilled mechanics, the country also offers employer-sponsored visas.

What are the requirements for visas? 

To meet the requirements of a skill assessment visa, you should have

  • A trade or educational equivalent qualification to meet Australian standards
  • At least 3-years of work experience
  • Worked in a similar field for at least 12 months in the time-span of 3-years

This is a career that is booming across the entire country of Australia and a lot of professionals are required to meet consumers demand. So, if you are enthusiastic and skilled enough to uplift this industry, then Australia is ready to give you a warm welcome.

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