Things to Take into Consideration When Launching a Small Business in Brisbane


In this article, we’ll take a look at some top tips for starting a small business in Brisbane.

Law and Accounting

Legal counsel is a must before you can register your business entity, choose a commercial name, register a brand, or be prepared to collect payments and pay taxes. In some cases, you will legally need to have business insurance Brisbane in place, depending on the type of work you will be engaged in.


Before you even contemplate developing a website, and while you’re waiting for everything to happen, you should consider your brand. Without a clear brand, everyone with whom you interact will make decisions based solely on intuition, and you’ll have to spend half your life correcting them.

Website and Marketing

Once you have developed a brand, you can progress with creating a website and marketing strategy. These tasks are much simpler when your branding approach has already established your images and messaging.


Microsoft’s 365 collection of productivity software and teamwork resources is unbeatable. When you use this technology, particularly Teams, you can modernise your company, eliminate paper, and maintain continuity during any disruptions. If you’re unsure how to use software like Microsoft 365, elicit the services of an IT company to help.

The entire Office app suite is accessible through the web as well as desktop and mobile devices with Office 365. Accordingly, all you have to do to feel at home on any device is log in. Cloud-based software is extremely useful for running businesses because it can save you tens of thousands of dollars in hardware and maintenance costs over time, not to mention the peace of mind it provides.

Customer Relationship Management

Depending on the nature of your small business, you may benefit from having access to CRM software. These tools can help you manage everything, from contracts and billing to support tickets, time and calendaring… not to mention customer relationship management!

Support for Computers and IT

How many computers are you going to need? Do you need laptops, or will simple desktops work just the job (desktops are typically less expensive for what you get, but you can’t carry them around)?

In some cases, you may benefit from using a managed ICT services company in Brisbane for IT support. Good providers can provide peripherals, mobile support, equipment, and advice for businesses of all sizes. They can also ensure you are well-protected against threats from cybercrime. Look for a provider that can handle everything, including installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Doing so will allow you to concentrate on what truly matters—your customers and employees.


It’s challenging to run a business, but you’re not doing it alone. You can save a lot of time and money by learning from others because most of what you want to do has already been done. Furthermore, the majority of small business owners are eager to impart their knowledge. Join local business networking groups in Brisbane to find opportunities to share knowledge with others and benefit from their pearls of wisdom.

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