Things to Leave Behind When Moving Homes


Moving home literally baggage and bedding can be burdensome. Over the years, there are so many things that would have accumulated in the house that you might not use or hoard, taking up too much space and gathering dust. These things cannot be part of removals as they would add to the load. You will just end up carrying it from one house to another. It will waste time, energy, and money. To avoid such a scenario, note down the things you would want to take to the new home and those that should be left behind or given away.

Here is a list of things that might not figure in your removals schedule


Suppose you are a clothes hoarder and keep clothes that don’t fit or are worn out still in your closet. It’s better to donate or give away to friends and family. This way, you will bring down the number of boxes in your closet. The same goes for shoes and other accessories that don’t see the light of the day and are bought on a sudden whim or fancy. Reducing the number of items can actually help someone and you as well.

Restroom accessories

All the things you would have bought for the restroom can be discarded before leaving. These could be bought anew for the next home you make. Taking those accessories off the bathroom will lead to breaking or cracking bathroom tiled walls, which is a sheer waste of time and added cost for repairs. Move with movee to geelong about the best removalists in your area.


Buying new upholstery for the new home would be a good idea. The curtains and other related accessories will be wasted to carry to the next home, as the size of windows and other measurements will vary and there will be a complete décor mismatch as well. If you want to repurpose those curtains, then you might want to carry them. However, old and aged curtains would give away easily. Hence buying a new set would add a better look to your new living space.

Hoarded junk

Sometimes we may stack up things such as our baby’s old pram, who is now a grown teen, a cycle that has not been used for years, old garden equipment, and other stuff that is lying in some corner of the house or in the basement. Even if you try to touch them, they may crumble or break. Such things need to be trashed and not be part of removals. Visit our website and find more information regarding removals.

Huge and heavy objects

Statues of a certain height and weight, rock gardens, huge POP structures, etc., will just add to the burden of removals. You will find that very few removalists agree to take them for packing and loading, as it is a huge task, and you insist they may charge extra for such loadings.

Cleaning chemicals

Carrying cleaning chemicals is hazardous, and it is one of the main items removalists don’t allow you to add to their list. You could throw the remaining liquids in the drain or give them away to any housekeeper for usage.

Light fittings & fixtures

Bulb holders, curtain rods, wire casings,  and other fixtures that are fixed permanently to the walls and taking them forcefully out will spoil the walls. If you want similar ones at your new home, you might as well buy them and have them fixed.

Outdated items

Old rusted pots and pans and other obsolete electronic devices can be disposed of off, too, as there is no point in carrying them and dumping them again in some corner of the house.

Carrying huge plants

Carrying plants that are more than 3 feet tall will not be viable, as carrying pieces of lawn and other plants that cannot survive the journey and are delicate. Avoiding such plant life would be better for removals. You give these away to your friends as gifts before leaving.

Directories, newspapers etc.,

The directories from your old place will not be so useful, or you could always get a new one. Old newspapers also are a waste to carry. You could just use these items for recycling and help for a sustainable environment.


Removals can be a lot easier when you declutter your home and take the things that need to be carried. Working on getting things that overburden your truckload of removals will just increase the costs, which can be better spent on your new home.


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