The Significance of Selecting the Right Food-Grade Oil Pumps


It is paramount that pumps in the food and beverage industry must adhere to stringent standards to ensure the wholeness of the product that’s pumped. And to make sure you choose the right food-grade oil pump, you must consider the following: product characteristics, flow rate, construction materials and any required approval.

Product’s Characteristics:


Viscosity is about how thick or thin your product is. And it is vital to consider this characteristic when selecting your pump and to decide the process system’s friction loss. Global pumps recommend positive displacement pumps for the highly thick product. These are generally made to handle thick fluids, run at low speeds and transmit less shear energy to the fluid than other pump technology. And centrifugal pumps are best suited for the product having low thickness characteristics. Centrifugal pumps produce high liquid shear, so use them with liquids having a low thickness.

Flow Rate

Flow rate is the amount of liquid that passes via the pump at a particular time. Usually, it is litres per minute or hour. When choosing the right pump for food grade lubricants, it is vital to match a pump’s flow and pressure rating with the flow rate and pressure needed for the process. Thus, knowing your site’s requirements are crucial.

Material Shear

Shear-sensitive products change their properties when worked. These are also known as non-Newtonian liquids and alter in thickness depending on the shear rate applied. Mayonnaise and tomato sauce are examples of these types of liquids. Conversely, Newtonian liquids are the opposite and maintain their thickness irrespective of the shear rate. To pump these shear-sensitive products, you must choose a pump with milder pumping action. For shear-sensitive products, diaphragm and peristaltic hose pumps are the preferred choices. Centrifugal pumps are not appropriate and will shear the product, destroying its integrity.


An abrasive liquid can inflict more significant wear to your pump by wearing surfaces through physical force. The thickness of this abrasive fluid can play a role in deciding the intensity of the wear on the pump. Thus, it would be best if you considered both the abrasive and the thickness characteristics of your fluid in tandem. In food and beverage applications, abrasive fluids aren’t commonly used, but it’s vital to be aware of them. Thus, consider the nature of your product and discuss the likelihood of wear within the pump you choose.

Construction Materials

The material of the pump is one of the most vital characteristics you need to consider. You may witness pump failure, downtime or expensive repairs if they are not compatible.

Approval Requirements

Most food and beverage equipment suppliers are aware of the national and international requirements and can recommend the best practice to guarantee your production is efficient and safe. So, talk to the pump manufacturer if you’re unsure, and they can provide the certification concerning compliance with standards or industry expectations.

Here are Some Food Grade Oil Pumps:

Rotary Drum Pump: Rotary drum pumps are perfect for transferring oils, diesel and petrol from 60L and 205L drums and bulk tanks. Its cast iron body build guarantees a smooth operation and a long working life. Rotary drum pump vanes are appropriate for transferring unleaded and leaded petrol and can pump fuels and lubes in reverse.

Ezi-Action® Drum Pumps: Ezi-Action® drum pumps are the most reliable manual dispensing system for bulk drums, containers and kegs. The Ezi-Action® drum pump is made keeping user safety in mind. They make a workplace more efficient and safer.

Pneumatic Oil Pump: Pneumatic pumps are best-suited for transmitting medium-thickness oil – for example, engine oil, diesel oil and hydraulic oil at medium distance. The double-effect pumping system operates on the entire range guaranteeing a constant delivery of oil. They are available with different suction pipe lengths and perfect for application on trolley or wall mounted and tank installation.

Oil Hand Pump With Hose: It is a 20-litre gear oil pump ideal for gear oil, hydraulic oil and engine oil and is designed by STM Australia.




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