The many benefits of walking to help you live a healthier and happier life


Everyone knows that exercise is key to a healthy life. But it can be hard to find the motivation to get up and move. Why not find other ways to be active? If you’re looking to get fit and stay that way, walking might be the answer you’re looking for. It doesn’t require any special equipment, is easy to start and offers a multitude of health benefits. It can also be a fun way to spend time with friends or family. If you’re ready to start walking, here are some reasons why now might be the perfect time to start.

It can help you lose weight

Now more than ever before, walking is recognized as a key component to healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s walking 30 minutes a day or hiking 3 days a week, you can reap many benefits from incorporating walking into your routine. And they don’t stop there — walking can help you eat healthier, manage your stress and even find romance. Find out more about how walking can help you lose weight.

It’s good for your heart

One of the most important reasons to get up and move is to keep your heart healthy. According to a study, people who walk regularly have a 25% lower risk of having a heart attack than those who don’t. And you don’t need to hit the pavement to enjoy this benefit — walking on a treadmill, elliptical or bike can help, too. In fact, one study found that walking on a treadmill three times a week — at a slow to moderate pace — increased the amount of heart-healthy cholesterol in your blood by as much as 58%. And when you’re not exercising, your heart naturally relaxes and pumps blood more slowly. But walking can also help lower blood pressure, which is especially important for people with hypertension. According to a study, walking for 30 minutes a day for six weeks can reduce blood pressure by 4/12 of a point.

It’s a great way to meet new people

Depending on your location, there are plenty of ways to meet new people while you walk. From community walks to meet-ups online, you can find all kinds of groups throughout your area. What’s more, people are more likely to meet up with you if you’re out for a walk than if you’re stuck in a gym or sitting in a coffee shop. And once you start meeting people, you can easily keep the connections going by joining fitness or social groups — or simply making plans to meet up again. Meeting new people can also lead to potential dates. Keep Active is a great platform to discover local walking group or start your own based on your preferences like a ladies only walking group.

It can help you cope with stress

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress, but walking is a particularly effective way to do so. It’s a low-demand activity, so you don’t feel like you need to rush through it. Plus, it’s a low-impact activity, so you don’t feel like your body is under too much stress. And it’s something you can do anywhere — no equipment required. There are also many mental health benefits to walking, including the ability to cope with stress. It’s a low-stimulus activity, so it doesn’t require any brain resources for you to focus on. Plus, it’s low-impact, so it doesn’t tax your body. And it’s something you can do anywhere — no gym required.

It’s an easy way to get outside

People who walk have been shown to have a healthier diet, are more physically active and have a better sense of their own health than those who don’t walk. So it’s no surprise that walking is a great way to get outside. Whether you prefer a walk in nature, along a waterfront path or along a paved trail, walking outdoors is an easy way to get outside. You can enjoy the scenery, breathe fresh air and feel more connected to nature. Plus, you can reap other health benefits, like improved mental health and sleep, by walking in the right kind of weather. It’s important to dress for the weather while you’re out walking. And if it’s very hot or very cold, you should walk in a different place.

It offers a host of other benefits

The list of benefits from walking is endless. But here are just a few:

  1. It can lower your blood pressure
  2. It can improve your mood
  3. It can improve your sleep habits
  4. It can help strengthen muscles and maintain bone density
  5. It can lower your blood sugar levels
  6. It can lower your cholesterol levels

Walk regularly to reap even more rewards

The benefits of walking become even greater when you incorporate it into your life. Make it a habit by walking 30 minutes a day or by finding a walk that you love — and then keep walking! You can also find ways to make walking a part of your daily routine. Try setting a timer to make sure you walk each day and even integrate walking into your commute.


Walking is a low-cost and low-impact activity that is easy to integrate into your day. It can help you lose weight, improve your mood, improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and much more. The only downside is that it can be hard to stay active, but walking can help you overcome that difficulty. If you’re looking to get fit and stay that way, walking might be the answer you’re looking for.

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