Significant Qualities Of Porcelain Tiles Melbourne

Porcelain Tiles Melbourne

Refurbishing your home with tiles is an interesting task that enhances its aesthetic. But it is vital to choose the best tile option that has durability, comes with an array of unique designs, and is available at an affordable cost. If you search for the choice that suits all these factors, then give a try on the Porcelain Tiles Melbourne. Now, most people begin to use this for the flooring and walls. As they are impermeable to moisture, denser and durable, everyone starts to opt for porcelain tiles. They are made by using specific clay with finely-ground sand and feldspar added to the combination. The tiles are heated at an extreme temperature that makes them super hard wearing.

Dirt Resistance 

The porcelain tiles do not retain any residues or dust on your floor and wall. So, it will be handy for you to clean the surface easily when compared to the other flooring options. You can remove the dirt with the general household materials. Moreover, they do not need any buffing or polishing to maintain a stunning finish. A routine cleaning procedure maintains the finish looks shining in this kind of flooring.


Just because the porcelain tiles look glossy and smooth, it doesn’t mean it’s slippery. As the slip resistance is a vital quality of the tiles, you can consider this option for flooring. It has a high level of slip resistance and helps to avoid anyone skidding on the floor and getting injured. If any spill exposure slips or any liquid spreads on the floor, then the porcelain can absorb them and reduce the chance of being slippery.

Stain Resistance 

Using the porcelain tiles helps to reduce your work of cleaning the floor often. As they are resistant to stain, the hard stains can also be wiped out easily with a wet cloth or detergent. You do not need to struggle to eliminate the tightest marks that occur due to the coffee, waste, or others. If you are concerned about the stains, then choose the colored porcelain tiles that can hide the stain well.

The Essential Features Of Porcelain Tiles Melbourne


Typically the porcelain tiles will be baked at a high temperature, so they come with more stability and toughness. Not only residential areas but even commercial buildings also use this option for flooring and walls. They can last for longer when compared to the other flooring choices. Therefore, it is worth your investment, and you do not need to spend money on restoration often. The high-quality porcelains will last for a lifetime when they are installed properly in your space.


The porcelain tiles come with superior strength that can prevent your floor and wall from scratches. They have high abrasion resistance, and their hardness is around 6-7 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, even the hard materials that have sharp edges can’t leave any scratches on the surface. In addition, you can shift the furniture without any problems and fears while using the porcelain tiles.

Color Permanence  

As the color is fired into the porcelain tile’s glazed surface or clay body, it won’t fade. Even the shades are exposed to the extreme direct sunlight, and its color-leaching UV rays. They will maintain the permanent colorfast, so the porcelain is the best choice to install in the outdoor areas. They can endure all the severe weather conditions and do not fade.

Hygiene Of The Porcelain Tiles Melbourne

The porcelain tiles have a surface, which does not easily retain any allergens or antigens. Moreover, they won’t absorb any kind of floor smoke or fumes. This bacterial-free feature enables good hygiene and makes it suitable for any atmosphere where cleanliness is necessary. In addition, the porcelain tiles have features including fireproof, insulation, acoustics, high strength, and more.

Bottom Lines 

If you want to get each of the above quality’s advantages, then consider the Porcelain Tiles Melbourne for flooring, and walls. At Auzzie tiles & bathroom ware, we provide you with high-quality and impressive porcelain tiles with the above features. Further, we have an extensive range of elegant and sophisticated tiles that can improve the aesthetic of your living space. So, visit us now and buy the best tiles that upgrade your home.

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