Other Devices You Might Need If You Setup A Golf Simulator


Golf simulators have revolutionized indoor as well as outdoor golfing experience. For golf enthusiasts, practicing golf swinging in the comforts of one’s home is an enticing feature afforded by golf simulation.

One of the most popular golf simulators is the Garmin Approach R10. Unlike most golf simulators, the Garmin Approach R10 is portable, compact, and lightweight.

State-of-the-art sensor technology allows users to record every golf swing with its dedicated video clip recording capability. It also tracks multiple golf metrics such as launch direction/ angle, spin rate, and total distance, to name a few.

The Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor is highly durable, boasting a 10-hour battery life translating to more time on the range. However, with all these designated features, there are still some other devices to be considered before setting up a golf simulator. These devices include:

A Smartphone

It is important to have a mobile device or smartphone to be used that is compatible when pairing with the Garmin Approach R10. The Garmin Golf app is required for the golf simulator to work, which you can download via Google Play for Android devices and by the App Store for IOS devices.

A Phone Mount

Phone mounts are an ideal device to be used with paired smartphones using the Garmin Approach R10. This simple attachment is used to keep the phone in place while it is attached to a stationary golf bag during in-game golf swings. It offers users a convenient way to view their swings while at the same time interacting with the Garmin Golf App during use.

Impact Screen and Golf Mat

A golf mat is essential in creating a golfing environment, while an impact screen ensures that golf balls don’t go astray in between swings.

A Smart TV

Players who desire to view their progress on bigger screens can opt to use a smart TV with designated screen mirroring capability. The Garmin Golf app installed on a smartphone can then be cast on a smart TV to create a larger display easily accessible to players.

E6 Connect Software Installed On Your PC and A Projector

E6 Connect is a third-party service used to simulate in between rounds of golf while using the Garmin Approach R10. It offers a photorealistic feel of simulated golf courses projected on an impact screen. It also offers a cross-platform remote competition among other players using the same golf simulator.

Choose A Designated Home Space

The Garmin Approach R10 can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, the thing to consider in using this golf simulator indoors is the amount of space it so requires. Users need to allow at least 6-8′ of space behind the user and 8′ of space in front to allow accurate ball flight measurements. To be on the safe side, it is best to measure an area with a ceiling height of at least 9 to 9.5 feet high with a room space of 15 feet long and 15 feet wide.

Key Takeaway

The Garmin Approach R10 Golf Simulator offers a wide array of photorealistic golf courses to choose from. It is portable and lightweight and can be used indoors and outdoors. The Garmin Approach R10 requires the installation of the Garmin Golf App on a dedicated smartphone. The application can be downloaded via Google Play for Android users and via the App Store for IOS users. Additional third-party applications such as the E6 Connect can be installed on a PC which can then be projected on a wide impact screen for a more realistic indoor golfing experience. For less than $1000, golf enthusiasts will enjoy playing golf anytime, anywhere without the need to go to the golf course.

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