What Are The Myths You Should Not Believe In Buying Tiles From Wall Tiles Melbourne?


If you are looking to replace an existing floor or lay new floors with Wall Tiles Melbourne in your brand-new home, you have a list of options to consider. Whether it’s in the living room, the hallway, the kitchen, or the bathroom, tiles are a versatile option for everyone. Are you planning to replace your flooring soon but are concerned about choosing tile? Perhaps because some of the things you’ve heard about it sound horrible, you’re now opposed to even considering it. Even though you may not hate tile that much, we will go over the six most common myths about tile and show you the truth about them. Check out these myths, and why they’re false.

Tile Is Boring

With the variety of flooring options available today, tile can seem bland and difficult to customize. There are so many different styles, grains, and colors of hardwood available. The variety of textures available for carpets is expanding, and vinyl now mimics any natural material out there. A lot of people are not aware that the technology behind imaging has greatly improved in the last decade, meaning tiles can now mimic hardwood, natural stone, or even a completely custom pattern.

Tile Flooring Is Cold

There is some truth to this myth, but not completely. It is typically portrayed in a much more negative Temperature that is conducted through the tile and can be held for a long time. In that case, tiles that are exposed to the cold during winter will retain the temperature and remain cool for long periods without warming up. It is possible to install radiant heating mats beneath tiles, though not always. Tile installed directly over concrete will generate more cold than tile installed above a well-insulated area that is not directly parallel to the outdoors.

Tile Flooring Is Expensive

Investments are made with the hope that they will be worthwhile. Despite being significantly more expensive to purchase and install than vinyl or carpet, tile lasts much longer. Vinyl lasts about 20 years at most. As for carpet, you’ll be lucky if it lasts more than a decade. On the other hand, tile will last for generations if not longer. Since ancient times, it has been the go-to flooring material. In the long run, you’ll be better off spending double what you would on carpet or vinyl.

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Tile Breaks Easily

You’d be surprised by how durable porcelain, ceramic, and travertine can be. Yes, a tile can chip or crack, but not as easy as the majority of other flooring materials. A pet’s claws won’t scratch or dent tile, since water won’t damage it. Tile is also the only material that won’t get damaged by water. It is easy to replace a damaged tile by taking it out and replacing it with a new one. Vinyl, on the other hand, must be repaired from top to bottom.

Wall Tiles Melbourne Requires Little Or No Maintenance Or Care

Tile is more durable than many other flooring materials, but it does require maintenance and upkeep. A tile floor that is properly sealed requires much less maintenance because daily wear and tear won’t affect it as much. To keep the floor protected, it needs to be periodically resealed, and stains and moisture must be picked up immediately. While ceramics and porcelain are considered to be strong materials, the grout between them will give away to acid and erosion, thus should be avoided.

Wrapping Up! 

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