Learn How to Seek Support if You Have Disability


Australia is known for its richness and diversity of race and culture. Australia has always been an advocate for human rights. It could not be more apparent than when the government set up an NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) program to help people with disability get the appropriate help they require without the financial burden.

A government-funded program to help

The NDIS program helps nurture the growing number of healthcare providers in Australia. An example of a healthcare provider is uCare iCare, an NDIS provider that helps patients apply for the NDIS scheme, located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. If you are a person with a disability, either mental or physical, you would be able to seek help and services from trained professionals in their field.

uCare iCare offers support that helps their patients develop the right skills to foster independent living and help the patient reach their life goals despite their disability. For a person with a disability, it can be hard to navigate the busy streets and environment of the city. That is why you will find more people with disabilities in the suburbs rather than the urban city. To avoid all the hustle and bustle of the streets as it can be daunting to integrate into the busy nature of urban life.

However, this shouldn’t be the case for people with disabilities. You should be able to roam the streets without the feeling of being disadvantaged. Although the city is accommodating to people with disabilities by providing the right infrastructure, many still feel a sense of pressure to be in a busy environment. Services offered by NDIS providers often help resolve this issue by teaching and guiding people with disabilities to navigate through life like any other individual.

What are the services available?

There is a multitude of services offered to assist and empower people with disabilities to integrate into society. Services like home nursing, personal care, support coordination, and even accommodation support can promote independent living.

All these services help connect both caretakers and patients to the right professionals who guide them along their journey to ensure that you get to live a healthy and independent life the way you should.

How can you qualify for the NDIS funding?

Many people with disabilities or their caretakers are hesitant to seek help simply due to the financial burden that entails with all this professional help. However, the NDIS program was created specifically to remove this financial obstacle by providing subsidized funding for these professional services. You can apply for the NDIS by simply searching for the nearest NDIS provider to you. NDIS providers like uCare iCare help patients through the whole process of the NDIS Application to ensure that they are properly taken care of.

Who qualifies for this funding?

If you are looking to apply for the NDIS scheme but are unsure if you are eligible, you can quickly head to the NDIS Portal to see if you qualify for the program. Once you have identified that you are eligible, simply get in touch with the team at uCare iCare or any NDIS provider near you and they will help you with the application process.

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