How to Troubleshoot and Fix Airpods Issues?


You might have noticed that sometimes one side of the AirPods is quieter than the other one, right? When such a thing happens, listening to music or hearing any phone call becomes a problem. And this situation gets more frustrating when it starts to cost you your productivity. However, you’ve come to the right place. After reading this article, you will agonize no more on the “Why are my Airpods Quiet?” issue.

Yes, we’ve compiled most of the possible reasons why one or both of your earbuds have started to sound quieter. There are several reasons behind this and they all have quick and cost-savvy solutions. So, read on until the end to get the most out of this article.

Possible Causes Of Quieter Airpods

One of the most common reasons why one side is louder than the other one might be related to a hardware or software issue. Before diving into the solutions, you need to know the root cause of the issue. That way, not only will you understand the issue better but also find the right solution for it.

Firmware Issue

Every couple of months, Apple releases new firmware in order to improve the performance of its products and also to upgrade its current features. The new releases address issues, bugs, glitches, and other incidental errors that might have being preventing your AirPods from functioning properly.

So, if you think that your firmware is not up-to-date, then update it right away or get ready to experience unbalanced sound quality.

File Issues

No one will tell you this, but the audio file you are trying to listen to might have an uneven sound profile. Come to think about it, most of the files we listen to are soundtracks that send signals to two different channels; right and left. The engineers manipulate the files for creating an immersive sound experience. So, the unbalanced sound might be because of their manipulation.

Hardware Related Issue

The above-mentioned were software-related issues. However, now we are going to shed some light on the hardware issues that cause an imbalance in the audio. Keep in mind that if the internal part of the AirPods gets damaged, they will also cause trouble.

The dirt can easily build up inside the AirPods which will then interfere with the circuitry and muffle the sound. If you do not clean them regularly, you can rest assured that such a thing will happen sooner than later.

Source Setting Issues

If the above-mentioned issues are not the cause of the problem then the issue might be in your audio setting. Trust us, having improper audio enhancements setting is one of the most common reasons for such a thing. You might be thinking that you’re creating a personalized sound, but in actuality, you are messing with the default setting of your AirBuds.


Now that you have identified the possible hardware and software-related issues, you can easily find their solutions on the internet. However, if you think that you are not that tech-savvy for doing the fixes yourself, you can always visit the repair shop.

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