How to Prepare for an Assistive Technology Plan Meeting


Assistive Technology devices are essential for every disabled person. It helps them perform day-to-day tasks they couldn’t do because of their disabilities. For this very reason, choosing the proper assistive technology devices is a vital decision to make — something that needs careful planning and assessment.

Thus, your NDIS support coordination provider would sit down with you to go through different considerations. Before this meeting, a participant must know what they need for smoother communication during the conference.

Include the below in your preparations for the assistive technology plan meeting.

Provide An Overview Of Your Daily Life

First, you need to prepare your details like name, address, date of birth, the condition, disability, or developmental delays you have, and how it impacts your day-to-day life. Then, telling a bit of yourself, like telling them the people or things you like, or whom you live with. It’s best to have a saved copy of these, to serve different purposes.

You will also need to tell a story of your life that’s relevant to your disability. These include the things you do each day, your interests, assistive devices you currently use, and even your interests. The facilitator will also ask you to provide your daily support networks. It refers to your families, friends, neighbors, or other relatives who care about you, help you, and support you.

Prepare To Discuss How You Are Involved In Your Community

NDIS would be interested to know about your community activities. As such, you might want to consider telling the support provider about your community groups and organizations and how often you participate in their work.

In addition, you will need to share your occasional projects and whether you are receiving government support or not.

Make A List Of Questions That You Need To Ask During The Meeting

You will have to disclose what types of assistive technology you are currently using.

It is also essential that you are ready with the questions you want to ask for further clarifications. In this extremely critical phase, it is necessary to also think about your goals. Specifically, you must think about your short-term and long-term intentions because this will be your guide in pursuing a plan.

Do Not Forget To Prepare The Things And Requirements Needed In The Meeting

Lastly, you need to prepare the different requirements and things you need to bring to the planning meeting.

Prepare your identification documents a week before the appointment. If you are bringing someone in the meeting to act on your behalf, he/she also needs to present his/her proof of identity.

A list of technology assistive devices that you currently use, like wheelchairs, hearing aids, or other communication devices, should also be prepared. Any information or reports given by service providers and health professionals that may help the NDIS understand further the impact of your disability and personal circumstances might also help, so you need to bring it too to present it to the meeting.

With these things prepared, you are now ready to attend or schedule an assistive technology planning meeting. It is crucial to consider everything once you are already in the forum to get a plan that accurately suits your needs.

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