How To Measure For Custom Roman Shades & Blinds


Do you know the way to determine the measurement of custom roman shades and blinds? It is an amazing way to dress up your room and make it aesthetic and stylish. There are hundreds of decorating ideas that have been flooded over the market but the shades & blinds have a unique identity in the current market. Instead of wasting your valuable time and money at the usual décor ideas, make use of this modern technology that would surely bring a beautiful and attractive look to your home. It has been perfectly suitable for all kinds of furniture, doors, and windows. All you need to do is identify the proper measurement to purchase the apt shades and blinds without having any inconveniences. Here are the lists of few guidelines to avail of exact measurement.

Decide Inside Or Outside Mount

If you have an idea to purchase the blinds then decide whether you want inside or outside of your home. There might have a chance to vary in length and height, so it is better to make a decision before ordering. This would be your first consideration while making a purchase and then start your measurement as well in the following lines.

Look At The Depth Of Your Window Frame

Start with the front side of your window to identify the depth measurement. This is a major thing to be focused at first, where you would measure the minimum depth requirements while buying for an inside mount. You have to make sure whether you are dealing with the right portion of your window. A small miscalculation might have a chance to avail of the wrong measurement, so make sure about the requirements.

Identify The Panel Length

Begin the measurement from the tip of the rod to the floor to have an exact length. It is essential to have a proper measurement tape of scale to identify the original length. The number should be noted carefully while measuring the rod to floor point. Once you have decided to buy such décor items, then the length needs to be measured for purchasing the blinds accordingly.

Consider the Height Of The Window

The height of the window is quite an essential thing to be measured with more attention. In that case, the three most important places have to be focused such as center, left, and right side of the window. Then pick out the tallest one among them once you have measured. This would be the height you need to submit while purchasing. There is no problem if the height of the shades and blinds are tall than you expect. And so the highest measurement has been considered when making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Planning to decorate your home in a nice way? Then the blades and blinds are the first choices that would be considered with proper measurements. Make use of the given lines, which will help you to measure all those things in an effective manner.

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