How to handle the deadly cytotoxic drugs and fluids? – Spill Kits and PPE!


Our lives are precious. We get it once. Thus, it is our sole responsibility to take proper care of it. We continuously stay vulnerable to dangers around us. But when it comes to labs and biohazards, the risk takes a big leap. It does not only lay risk upon frontline workers but societies at large. This is why there are guidelines regarding the handling of biohazard materials. It is advised to buy best spill kits (Australia) and PPEs.

Cytotoxic drugs pose a greater risk to the lives of those dealing with it. No matter the drugs itself, its remnants, or body fluids of the patient involved, it comes utterly necessary to handle it all with care. But what risk do cytotoxins pose?

What are the possible risks of cytotoxic drug exposure!?

The frontline healthcare workers stay in the high-risk zone. Studies have shown that the cytotoxins remain in the body fluids of patients for up to 48 hours. Here are the risks that studies have found so far:

• It has been found that nearly 8 million healthcare workers and support staff get exposed to biohazards.
• Another study found that nearly 20% of the nurses handling the chemo drugs and wastes had lost their pregnancy.
• Here are the other harmful effects that were seen in people

  • Organs getting toxicity
  •  Cases of infertility
  •  loss of hair and skin rashes
  • cancer itself
  •  damage to the DNA and chromosomes
  •  Miscarriage and other defects related to birth.

These risks are no small and challenge the precious life of those dealing with them. Imagine sending soldiers to the war without protective equipment and proper training. It makes it crucial to deal with them using proper knowledge and care. Companies dealing with best spill kits and PPEs do sometimes inform about how to use the stuffs, but it is only sometimes.

How to handle Cytotoxins? – Spill Kits and PPEs.

Make sure the responsibility of handling these do not get transferred much from one to another. It increases the chances of mishandling. Next is to use proper spill kits and PPEs. Here is a list of all the possible PPE necessary to handle cytotoxins and body fluids:
• Cytotoxic waste bags
• Chemo Gowns
• N95 masks
• Splash goggles
• Shoe covers
• pairs of gloves to be used over each other
• Head caps for those dealing with longer hair
These are all the possible equipment in spill kits (Australia) and PPE. Now comes the question of how to wield these life-saving equipment.

How to use Cytotoxic PPEs.

Firstly, for the person treating the patient. Wear your gown, first pair of gloves under the gown, mask, goggles, head cap, and shoe covers. Now put on another pair of gloves over your gown. This is to reduce the contact.

Now it comes to disposal. The bodily fluids containing cytotoxins are aerosols too. Thus, it is advised to the person dealing with flushing and cleaning to wear all the protective equipment too. Put a paper towel over the toilet seat directly before flushing. This will prevent from cytotoxins going aerosol. Put the towel inside the toilet and flush again.

Remove the top gloves first because they have come in direct contact with contaminated areas. Remove the gown. Never pull it over your head. Turn it inside out and put it inside Cytotoxic Waste Bags. Now remove the goggles, head cap, mask, shoe cover, and discard in the waste bag. Make sure you do not touch your face. Now wash your hands with soap for around 20 seconds.

These are all the basic equipment that one should get from the company dealing with best spill kits Australia and PPEs. Life is a precious gift, and you would never want to rot this gift through ignorance.


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