Features you need to know about popcorn machine in Melbourne

Popcorn Machine

The Popcorn Machine is a prestigious equipment in the popcorn products and machine industry. This popcorn supplier Melbourne has introduced some of the best popping models and variants in the market. All these tools are the result of its innovation and technology to make new advancements in the field of popcorn machines. The products of this brand are user-friendly, economical and highly advanced models, which are used in almost all commercial entertainment centres, offices, homes and concession stands. This exclusive brand is not only known for manufacturing high-quality popcorn machines but also offers its customers various product lines including Popcorn Machines, Popcorn Carts, Warming Equipment, Popcorn Transfer Scoop, Popcorn Seasoning Products, Popcorn Popping. is Oil, butter and topping dispensers and accessories like bags, boxes, stands etc.

There are many features of Popcorn Machines which include the excellent performance offered by these machines and the end result is deliciously crunchy popcorn that we enjoy anytime. The machine has some exceptional features such as impeccable stability to perform at various levels and maximum efficiency to be achieved by the user and overall, its space saving design. The Pop Corn Maker is ready to stand till its last breath, as these machines are made of strong materials and its innovative design speaks for it all. The basic construction of the machine consists of parts made of stainless steel which is a strong cabinet and the cabinet is perfectly matched with pampered glass which gives the unit a complete look.

All models available in the market are equipped with E-Z Klein Kettle. These kettles present in all machines have better suspension on both sides. This is a basic feature that is missing from many other popcorn machines from other brands that have a single-hinged design. The brand provides a 2-year warranty on its popcorn makers. This additional feature helps customers choose the right model for themselves.

Here are some of the features and specifications of the Popcorn Maker that have made this brand popular and saleable.

  • Minimum Energy Consumption: A unique feature of the brand Uni-Max that has been invented by the brand. The feature name refers to the integrated kettle and heating element. This unique feature allows the lowest possible energy consumption with maximum popping efficiency.
  • Pop Clean: Pop Clean is an acronym for its popular feature which is clean air discharge. It is used to keep the machine 100 percent free of oil vapor and all vapours and fumes. This three-stage filter function was originally used in Pop-O-Gold and Medallion machines.
  • Motor Power: The heart of Popcorn Machines is made up of a strong and powerful motor. From the lowest range of its machines to the most expensive models, one will find motors that are 50 percent more powerful than the competition.
  • Auto Shut Off: This feature applies to its two machines which automatically shut off the kettle heat after 15 minutes of idle use. This action of the machine may be indicated by the lights flashing on and off to indicate that the auto shutoff feature has been activated. This feature saves electricity.
  • Big Eye: This machine has a special feature known as “Big Eye”. It’s electronic heat control feature automatically helps cook 40 percent more popcorn.

The machines internal lighting system adds to its style and the brand-new invention of an old maid’s drawer that allows the user to easily hold the kernels without cutting them. The heat distribution system of its popcorn makers consumes relatively less energy with the same rate of high-quality production. In terms of safety, the brand has always used a number of methods and incorporated various features that provide complete safety to customers while using any of their machines.



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