Considering sustainable plastic bottle packaging? Know which plastic is suitable

Plastic Bottle Packaging


The sustainable plastic bottle packaging trend is increasing in the manufacturing sector. People are becoming aware of the need for plastic recycling. One sustainable packaging option is PET. It is used as a thermoplastic polymer. This material is lightweight, long-lasting and transparent. Manufacturers can use it for food containers, retail products, and more packaging needs.

If your business wants to put sustainable efforts, you can give priority to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. It is an eco-friendly material and a sustainable choice for product packaging and sophisticated aesthetics. Read on below to learn more about PET plastic and its properties.

Uses of PET plastic in manufacturing

PET is a popular sustainable plastic formula in the polyester family. It offers a durable composition and clear appearance. So, you can expect it to be lightweight for handling. PET is primarily used as a textile material instead of plastic bottle packaging containers. Its stretchable property enables manufacturers to make thin films and sheets of PET to fold the material.

This property helps manufacturers to use the blow moulding technique to produce any design of container to use as plastic bottle packaging in Australia. PET is mostly referred to as plastic when used in container packaging, and when it is used in textiles, it is called polyester.

The plastic offers more toughness and lightweight quality, and they are shatterproof. Hence, its food and sanitary packaging can keep the quality intact and prevent microbial development. The chemicals and food products don’t react with the plastic material formula. You can effectively use PET material for shampoo, cosmetic, or soda packaging.

Evaluating the eco-friendliness of PET plastic for plastic bottle packaging

PET is a highly recyclable plastic. These plastics are backed by 30 years of research to prove safe for beverage, medicine and other food packaging. Many industries are using this as plastic bottle packaging as it is immune to micro-organisms. They won’t react with food or biodegrade. So they are completely recyclable.

The FDA and other international health organisations and manufacturing authorities also recognise the safety and sustainable properties. Since it does not include bisphenol-A or phthalate, this plastic is a highly environmentally friendly alternative to other plastics.

Most manufacturers and consumers consider glass and aluminium as eco-friendly alternatives to plastic materials. However, these materials consume more energy and produce waste while manufacturing. The repeat recycling property of PET is a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for manufacturers and implementing plastic bottle packaging.

Aluminium packaging alone produces a high amount of trash and carbon dioxide, which require 50% more energy than PET container packaging. Transporting goods with PET container packaging will be more affordable due to its lightweight properties. The process will consume less fuel and emit less pollutants.

Manufacturers can also enjoy branding benefits with plastic bottle packaging in Australia, as the material can be easily moulded in various shapes and sizes and offer more decorative possibilities. You can match your brand and label due to PET’s great clarity, which offers more product visibility. You can use amber-coloured PET plastic bottles for high UV resistance to secure the quality of medications and nutraceutical goods.

Final thoughts:

Now, it’s easier for manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and bring more sustainability to their performance with product packaging without hefty investments in glass or aluminium materials. Plastic material containers like PET, HDPE, and PVC offer post-consumer recyclable properties. You can use them to offer more eco-friendly and transparent packaging in the supply chain.

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