Common Solutions To Heat your Pool


Swimming is best if the water temperature is regulated and this is why primarily people love to take a dip during summers than in winters. Those with outdoor pools will be well accustomed to having to deal with the weather conditions since the pool temperature will be directly affected by the weather. It is almost impossible to get into the water when the water is cold; the ideal temperature is 25 degrees C. Investing in a swimming pool heatpump is a good way to continue swimming even after summer is over. Pool owners have the option of investing in an efficient heating system if they love to use their pool all round the year.

Popular methods for pool heating

A professional agency will offer various services like pool cleaning services in Sydney as well as a good heating solution. Listed here are various solutions available to pool owners:

  • Gas heater: This is a highly effective method to heat your pool and maintain it at an optimal level so that one can swim at any time of the year. This is a popular method of heating spas and pools however it is also one of the more expensive solutions. This is the ideal method to heat your water fast and a good choice for those with a pool and spa combination. On the other hand, gas is not eco-friendly and often chosen as a secondary system for heating the pool water when a solar power heater is installed.
  • Electric heater: An electric heat pump is useful for those who prefer to swim in cold weather as well. This is also a highly cost-effective method of keeping your pool warm. It has several benefits over the gas heater besides which it is may also be more beneficial than the solar heater depending on the location. An electric one is faster than a solar heater but at the same time, it is less environmentally friendly and more expensive to run as compared to a solar heater which simply uses solar energy to heat the water. It is easy to adjust the temperature and make it just right for swimming.
  • Solar heater: Sunlight is available in abundance hence this would ideally be the best method to heat your pool. Although it is an effective method of heating your pool there are several drawbacks as well. Solar water heaters are already in use at several homes in Australia since this is an inexpensive method of enjoying an unlimited supply of hot water. This can be used to heat the pool and is also more environmentally friendly. However, this is not one of the highly recommended means of heating your pool since there are many disadvantages. Besides, the fact that they cost a great deal more than the alternatives, it will be less efficient when it is overcast and takes longer to heat the water.

Factors to consider before investing in a pool heater

Heating your pool water can help you keep it open all year round. It is also possible to invest in a good pool cover to help maintain the temperature of the water. Opting for one of the heating solutions mentioned in the article is a good idea but, it is important to consider various factors first.

  • Some essential figures that one should be aware of as a pool owner include the volume of the water and the lowest outdoor temperature.
  • Make note of how often you use the swimming pool and for how long.
  • Check at which time of the year you swim.
  • Those living in the warmer regions in Australia can probably get away without having to invest in a heater depending on their usage patterns.
  • A solar pool blanket can be highly effective to keep your pool warm.

The type of pool you own plays a big part in how the changes in temperature affect it. For example, a concrete pool is made from material that is naturally cold hence it will require a highly efficient heating system. On the other hand, a pool made from fibreglass will retain heat better hence pool owners can get away with using a less effective heating system. Selecting an appropriate pool system can be quite confusing. Consulting a professional for advice and pool heat pump installation is a good idea instead of attempting to do it yourself.

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