Know About How To Handle Water Damaged Carpet Drying


The impact of disaster is huge always. Especially the damage caused by the overflooded water is heavy and it should be rectified quickly. Yet many feel that Water Damaged Carpet Drying using Vaccum cleaner will resolve the problem. But that is not the truth. Such disasters need to repair using proper equipment. To know about the types of waters damages and for understanding how to fix it have a glimpse at the content given below. 

Causes Of Water Damage

The source of water damages is many extending from washing machine overflow, dishwasher leakage to clogged toilets or floodwaters. The disaster caused to the electronics, floor, and structure of your beautiful home can’t be reversed easily. Therefore, the damage caused by overflow waters needs to be managed swiftly for retrieving that look. The water damage is classified into 3 types depending upon the source of water

  • Type 1: Sink overflows, disrupted water supply in the washing machine or other electronic appliances, and broken pipes
  • Type 2: This contains chemical properties in water resulting in diseases. Commonly this category is known as grey water. If this is not treated within 2 days then it will fall to type 3. Example: Urine from toilet bowls
  • Type 3:  The level of the chemical property is higher than Type 2 resulting in severe health risks to people. This type is also known as Blackwater. Example: medical waste.

If the water contains hazardous minerals like arsenic, mercury lead then it is considered as a special condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible. 

Class Of Water Damaged Carpet Drying

The damage caused by the flooded water depends upon the level of evaporation. Prior to clean the spoiled area, it is necessary to determine the class of water damage. Only after knowing it, further steps can be made. This will also help the experts to understand the nature of the equipment to be used. Mentioned below are the different types of class

  • Class 1: If the level of evaporation is minimal then it will not have a serious impact on the floor or on the carpet.
  • Class 2:  If the rate of evaporation is fast then the level of damage will be 12-15 inches on the wall and also the water losses will affect the underlay and carpet.
  • Class 3: The rate of evaporation is the fastest and it will result in saturation of the entire area. 

How To Restore The Spoiled Area

The restoration of a flooded area cannot be repaired by the house owner or tenant. It requires an experienced technician and therefore makes sure that the mentioned steps are followed by them during the visit.

  1. Assessment Of Flood Damaged Property: The area must be assessed by the experts using specialized water sensing equipment, and thermal imaging cameras. This thorough check will help in understanding the things damaged and that can be repaired.
  2. Estimation of Work And The Cost: After the thorough assessment the technician must give you the complete details of the damaged carpet and the time it will take to clean the area.
  3. Water Extraction: Using standard equipment’s they must clean the excess water from the carpet. The more water is absorbed, the quicker will be the time for drying.
  4. Restricting Mould Growth:  Mould can grow swiftly in dampened areas. Henceforth make sure that the technician uses antimicrobials and mold control for controlling further damages and for reducing the spread of bacteria.
  5. Wet Carpet Drying: After it, the experts must be using air movers to disperse the water molecules from the carpet for quicker drying.
  6. Removing Browning Stains: After that, the technician must clean the cellulosic browning stain from the carpet if any.
  7. Restructuring Of Carpet: Then the carpet must be lifted and should be reinstalled for avoiding bulges in the carpet in the future.
  8. Final Report: The last step is to get the report from them for claiming insurance. 

Final Verdict

Still, any question arises in your mind regarding that Water Damaged Carpet Drying? We at capital restoration are ready to help you. Our technicians are the best at work and you will not be disappointed after calling us.

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