How To Make Commercial Building Cleaning Jobs Easier & Faster With Floor Scrubbers?


A clean and tidy workplace is not just good decor and clear workstations. It also includes clean and tidy floors, especially if your business experiences heavy daily footfall. Industrial and commercial spaces like warehouses, retail stores, and manufacturing plants receive heavy traffic that requires regular cleaning.

Using traditional methods like a mop is time-consuming and tiresome and can also increase the risk of workplace injuries. Small commercial floor scrubbers are perfect for such places making the cleaning job much easier and faster than it would have been otherwise.

These compact industrial cleaning machines make it easier to manoeuver them within tight places without compromising cleaning quality. The industrialised small floor sweepers are easy to operate and maintain and have become an essential part of any industry.

What Is A Commercial Floor Scrubber?

In simple terms, an automated commercial floors scrubber is the modern-day replacement of mops and buckets, usually used in commercial spaces. These machines wash, clean, and dry the surface in one go, unlike the mops.

One of the most common automated clean machines is the small commercial floor scrubber extensively used in retail shops and malls. This machine’s small and compact design makes navigating around the racks and in the lobby easier.

Here are the five reasons why businesses that have heavy traffic opt for floor scrubbers for cleaning:

5 Reasons for Investing in a Commercial Floor Scrubber

1. Lower Risk of Injury: 

A clean floor can help you avoid several lawsuits from employees and customers alike. A clean floor will at least reduce the risk of injury and increase employee productivity.

‘Slips, Trips and Falls, a report released by Safe Work Australia, states that liquid or solid material spills on the floor are the most common causes of slipping. So, keeping a clean floor is of absolute necessity to avoid slip-related accidents and injuries.

It has also been found that most serious monetary claims against an establishment were made by employees for workplace injuries. So, investing in quality cleaning equipment is essential for the safety of all.

2. Small commercial floor scrubbers

They will not only clean the surface thoroughly but also minimise the risk by drying the floor simultaneously. Using a floor scrubber is also a sustainable practice as it uses a comparatively less amount of water than traditional cleaning methods.

3. No Lingering Dirt or Bacteria:

Bacteria can grow on the mop strands and easily get on the floor during cleaning. The same goes for dirt. So, though the floor might look clean, it can be filled with dirt and allergens, compromising everyone’s health and safety.

Commercial cleaning supplies like floor scrubbers do a deep clean and ensure no lingering dirt or bacteria on the floor.

4. Floors Dry Quickly:

Drying the floors takes quite a while when cleaning with a mop and a bucket. You will have to cordon off that area for some time to ensure neither your employees nor customers walk on the surface and risk falling on the slippery surface.

Also, even if they do not fall, walking on a wet floor with shoes will leave behind dirty foot tracks that would require another cleaning. It is like an endless cycle. On the other hand, a floor sweeper uses less water to clean and dries the surface simultaneously.

Once the scrubber finishes cleaning, it automatically uses the built-in vacuum system to dry the floor and collect the remnant water back into the tank. The floors will be dry without you having to segregate the area.

5. Less Manual Labour and Effort:

Floor scrubbers are automated machines where the operator needs to turn them on and monitor the cleaning process. There are different types of scrubbers in the market. While on some, the operator gets to ride the machine and maneuver around or the smaller push behind machines.

Regardless, cleaning the floors with automated scrubbers requires far less manual effort and time than mops and buckets. The cleaner does not have to worry about joint or back pain and can efficiently clean the floor without additional health risks.


Investing in a floor scrubber might look costly, but it is worth the shot once you consider the long-term benefits. A commercial small floor sweeper will change how you clean your floors and ensure they are clean, dry, and shiny!

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