Best Part Time Jobs You Can Do From Home in Melbourne


In recent times, working from home is gaining much importance. Many progressive companies are letting their employees carry work from home or prefer hiring people who don’t need office and love working from home. Besides, research has also supported the idea of work from home for the right people, where they can increase productivity and decrease stress. However, technology is a great source for working from home. And most of the tech corporation is well known for its extensible schedule and telecommuting opportunities. But, many times starting full or part-time jobs/services is a major decision that requires and panning. So, take a look at these best part time job opportunities from home in Melbourne to know more.

Customer service assistant

These days customer service jobs have become a popular choice for part-time work, including work from home candidates. These jobs are found with many different industries like retail, food, beverage, and even government. However, they are the first point of contact in any business who work to ensure customer satisfaction, dealing with customer inquiries and complaints, and in assisting clients or customers with placing orders and purchases.

Online Sales representatives

Yes, the key to every business is sales! Thus, online sales representatives are the means to increase turnover and cash flow to your company. They are good at selling products and services to potential customers. These jobs are good for people of all age groups who have strong communication skills, as many sales jobs are over the phone and require persuasion. You can prefer taking these jobs if you have a firm base in economics and business practices.

Virtual assistant

If you like working remotely, starting a virtual assistant career can be a good start for you. A virtual assistant is someone who provides virtual assistant services to small businesses or entrepreneurs. Their common tasks include scheduling appointments, email management, taking phone calls, customer support, online filing, basic data entry, etc. Overall, it’s good for full-time and part-time, flexible working hours.

Data entry jobs

This is another great option for part-time workers. But, before you dive into this career, you need a basic understanding of what the job is. Data entry operators copy or transfer information into the company’s system using numeric, alphabetic, or symbolic operations. Most of their works include checking, editing and verifying information based on the data provided, creating data backups. In addition to finding new ways to improve the data entry process.


Do you want to become a translator? This is another rewarding field which is in high demand recently. It involves converting written documents from one language to the other. Either from your mother tongue to a second language or from any other foreign language in which you are an expert.

Online tutor

This works great, especially for people with academic talent or the ones who know to coach their individuals.

These are a few working from home part-time opportunities for you. Taking these jobs will help you spend more time with your family and avoid the horrors of busy morning schedules.

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